The Devil Conspiracy is certainly something new, and opens with a spectacular scene, which is as you will discover just the beginning of such things, it is a movie that has to it some bizarre sequences, but please stick with it, as it is possible something that you have not experienced before. The most outstanding elements of this movie has to be the music and also the ever impressive visuals of the production, I say the most outstanding but the production as a whole is impressive and inventive.

The score is literally awash with themes and sounds that not only support and underline the action and storyline but in effect become an integral component within the film and an important part of the film making process as we progress through the storyline. Like all movies it does have various flaws, the inclusion of some rather unremarkable scenes and dialogue which we could probably have done without and most definitely would not be missed. And even some sections or scenes that make one do a little laugh when they are not meant to be remotely amusing. But this is the nature of the beast of filmmaking, not all things work, not every line or action gels.

The score however seems to work on every level, it is dramatic, pulsating, vibrant, celestial, inspiring and totally consuming, the music is by Anne Kathrin Dern, who has provided the movie with a score that encompasses so many styles and purveys so many moods and creates a plethora of atmospheres. The music is realised via choir, symphonic performances and a dark and ominous sounding church organ, all of which are supported and embellished further by electronic elements.


The choral performances are stunning and quickly establish an epic sound, which the composer builds upon and elaborates on, there is an otherworldly ambience to this score and one that I think many collectors will find attractive and compelling. Available now on digital platforms via Movie Score Media.

A famous TV journalist must report on a compelling police case that no one know he’s been implicated in. As the investigation unfolds, he uses his calculated ability to supply misleading information and change public opinion; and he gets away with it. Horario Estelar or Prime Time is the story of a powerful, charismatic, intelligent yet immoral man who seeks impunity by any means necessary. Like an escape artist performing his escape routine, his life depends on his trick turning out well. The series is shown in ten episodes, and has I am told already attracted many viewers. The music by composer Alejandro Giacomo is upbeat and varied, but at all times even in the more up-tempo pieces maintains an air of mystery and apprehension.

In some ways it has the sound of a TV score from the 1990’s but also has to it a definite contemporary vibe. A fusion of live performances and synthetic elements with the electronic probably by the sounds of things having the lion’s share of the performance. Giorgio Moroder like pulses and dark and chilling sounds coming together to create an impressive and classy sounding work. Plus, at times the composer introduces more lavish and dramatic moments via strings and percussion. Available now on Spotify etc. Recommended.

1923, is a new TV series on Paramount +, it stars Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, and is the next prequel to Yellowstone after 1883 and like both of these series it is a addictive watch. Yellowstone I did feel became more like a soap opera but 1923 is a superb drama that is well acted and wonderfully photographed, music is by Brian Tyler and  Breton Vivian, who deliver a score for season one that ticks all the boxes and does its job above and beyond.

The series continues to follow the Dutton family and the events that lead to them creating the ranch at Yellowstone.  Obviously set in 1923, right in the midst of prohibition, and the depression, this is a gritty and earthy western from filmmaker Taylor Sheridan, who seems to be able to do no wrong at the moment. Ford and Mirren lead a strong and outstandingly talented cast who give their all.

The music is suitably powerful and thematic, and works so well with the stunning photography, the beautiful locations and the scenarios that are unfolding each week on screen. Filled with a rich and inspiring Americana and ethnic styles it is one that I recommend you listen to. The score is available on digital platforms.

There are a handful of tracks available on digital platforms from the 2023 film The Fox, which has a touching and emotive sounding score by composer Arash Safaian, the cues Resting and  Resting (short version)  are particularly affecting the composer utilising cello to purvey a sad yet at the same time romantic sounding theme,

with another track from the score entitled The Shore being a more developed piece the composer this time employing the string section in a subdued and yet powerful adagio of sorts. This cue is also available in a shorter edit but is just as attractive. Check it out.