Peace on a tranquil island is shattered as it is transformed into a prison, when a group of armed militants take the entire population of the quaint, and isolated location off the coast of Brittany hostage. The activists are highly organized – yet their motives ae not made clear to their captors. There’s only one thing that Alpha, the head of the group has not taken into the equation, and that is five passengers of the shuttle that links the island to the mainland have managed to escape and are in hiding on the island. As the islanders face an increasingly volatile and life-threatening situation, secrets begin to surface, with sources of conflict also materialising. But who among them will become a hero, a coward, or a traitor? That’s the exciting, somewhat dark and tense plot for the series L’Île Prisonnière, which has a marvellously atmospheric and appealing soundtrack penned by composer Erwann Kermorvant.

The music is quite low key, but I think it is because of its subtleties that the music works so well, the tension and also the apprehension is purveyed wonderfully via the polished and accomplished soundtrack, that is brooding at times, never overpowering but always supportive. The composer utilising cello, violin and other string instruments to their full potential and underlining these with percussive elements and electronic support, to fashion a truly edgy and effective score.

There are too some romantically laced pieces within the score again purveyed beautifully by cello which is performed flawlessly by Anastasia Kobekina that gives the work an air of the melancholy and pulls at the listeners heart strings. The soundtrack is available now on digital platforms.

The Rivers of Croatia are not only picturesque and mesmerizing but are unique within Europe, as their eco-systems provide a stability to the processes of nature. However, the diverse wildlife that live in, on, and around these rivers is even more than ever threatened by the increasing human activity that is now encroaching upon the already fragile and dwindling natural environment that these many species need to survive. This fascinating documentary film follows the snaking lowland rivers which drain into the immense floodplains, photographs the mighty tumbling waterfalls, and frames the picturesque warm, limestone springs and bountiful landscape of the Karlovac region.

The film scrutinises the interior valleys or ‘Karst Polje’ which form shallow basins that feed the underground waterways which in turn resurface as gentle rivers and streams many miles away. It also shows the audience imposing Adriatic rivers that flow spectacularly to join the ocean, via the racing estuaries of the great Zrmanja canyon or from the colossal Neretva delta.

The composer Dalibor Grubacevic said “The documentary was released in 2021 in Germany and France through ARTE TV, and the following year it was premiered in Spain on TVES as Rios de Croacia. The film has also been purchased to be screened at some point in Italy, Taiwan and, of course, Croatia. I thought for two years whether to release this soundtrack, because I thought it wasn’t cinematic and interesting enough, but after a long consideration, I decided to release it on the first day of spring. That’s kind of a convenient date to release a soundtrack like this”.

The score underlines and supports the film superbly, adding moods and even more colours, textures, and character to the images on screen.

The beautiful and affecting tone poems, like the rivers trickle, flow, and surge throughout, the composer Dalibor Grubacevic successfully creating cascading and grandiose thematic material that is emotive and haunting. The score will be released on digital platforms only on March 21st, with sadly no compact disc released planned at this time, it is a work that you should own, highly recommended.

Mon Crime is a 2023 French comedy drama, which is scored superbly by the highly talented composer Philippe Rombi, who has produced a beautiful and charismatic soundtrack, that is simply brimming with themes and lush, lavish sounding compositions.


The composer adds a deep affecting luxurious style and sound to the proceedings with piano performances and rich string interludes that evoke the romantic film music of 1930’s Hollywood. There is also a simplicity and innocence about the music that beguiles and attracts, with this listener for one returning to the beginning of the score every time it had finished playing. Available on digital platforms please check it out a s a p.

The music from season two of the Netflix series Shadow and Bone is now streaming on digital platforms, the music is courtesy of Joseph Trapanese. The score is configured from synthetic and conventional instrumentation, the composer successfully fusing both to create a score that drives and supports within the series, but is also entertaining and exhilarating to listen to as music on its own. It’s a soundtrack that has so many highlights, that they are too many to mention, just stream it and enjoy.

Based on the 2009 novel of the same name by Kate DiCamillo, The Magicians Elephant features the voices of Noah Jupe, Mandy Patinkin, Natasia Demetriou, Benedict Wong, Miranda Richardson and Aasif Mandvi. The computer-animated fantasy adventure film is directed by Wendy Rogers, written by Martin Hynes and produced by Julia Pistor. 

The movie is a Netflix release, with a soundtrack by composer Mark Mothersbaugh, (who has come a long way since the days of Rugrats and Nickelodeon) as far as I can make out the score is ninety percent symphonic, with the composer creating effective and affecting music that is dramatic and wonderfully emotive. Available on digital platforms. Go take a listen…

Another documentary next and a mini-series that looks at the Great  Lakes of Northern America. In the mini-series Great Lakes Untamed. Carved by the retreat of a two-million-year-old glacier, North America’s five great lakes, Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario; form the largest freshwater ecosystem on Earth.

The three part series  explores from every angle this fascinating subject matter. Music for the series is by Erica Procunier, who wrote well over an hour of music for the film, the score is an electronic/symphonic mix, with the three disc set being available now on digital platforms, and having a running time of one hour and eighteen minutes.