La Linea Imaginaria, is a short film about Samuel a ten year old Boy who has to come to terms with the fact that his dear fisherman father Mateo will soon pass away. Mateo, who is on his dying bed with Leukaemia, hands Samuel a seashell necklace Mateo asks the boy to return this to the ocean as his last wish.

Samuel then has to decide whether to follow his Father’s dying request or should he challenge the laws of mother nature and the natural order of life. The impressive and emotive short film intercuts images of Mateo on his death bed with a series of flashback sequences of him when he was well, virile, and healthy giving Samuel lessons on life while fishing. The short film has a surprise ending with the Ocean as its natural backdrop.


The wonderfully affecting musical score is by Marcel Barsotti, who has fashioned a delicate sounding score that Is filled with fragility and has to it a lilting and subdued atmosphere. The score which is realised electronically transcends supporting the images and storyline, as the music has a life of its own away from these. The composer effectively creating music that is also entertaining and satisfying. Available now on digital platforms. Recommended.