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Well, what did you watch over Christmas? Not a lot in my case, although there were a few things I quite enjoyed, the highlight being a Dawn French programme called When Roald met Beatrix, this was a charming piece of television, and had an exceptional score by Murray Gold, I just hope it gets released soon. Funnily enough the other show I enjoyed also starred Dawn French as The Vicar of Dibley, it was an oldie but a goodie as they say, the one where she has about five Christmas dinners etc. Well, those were the highlights, what else, ummmm let me think, you know I dont know. Let’s say stuff might have been on but was I interested was I watching did I ever say on the 25th 26th or 27th of December wow I must watch that. Nope never. So why do the TV channels always do this over Christmas. Put on rubbish I mean, apart from the now standard festive films which are on every year was there anything original, anything thought provoking or even mildly entertaining,,, hang on   ummmm Nope. So like so many lets look to the new year, 2021 is a year of mainly hope I think, hope that we will be getting back to something that resembles normal, and I don’t mean just cinemas opening and TV improving, no I mean on every level, Life as in everyday life and everyday things, 2021 is already a year that many have pinned a lot on, lets hope that 2021 can cope with this pressure and expectation. Film music has in my opinion been exceptional in 2020, so many scores so many new composers with innovative and inventive voices, which will insure the future of this much ignored craft and art. What else can I say, apart from thank you for supporting Movie Music International, thankyou for reading, commenting and also just being there, Thanks everyone, readers, composers, labels and anyone else I might have forgotten in this crazy, sad, affecting year. All the best to you and yours.

John Mansell MMI.




Guy Farley is a composer that I have been following for a while now, he is a composer who for me always delivers and fashions beautiful themes and lush musical compositions for each project he is involved with. I think I can honestly say that every score of his that I have heard has never disappointed in any way whatsoever. One of his latest assignments is for a project entitled LEGACY. I say latest well in fact the composer penned it in 2018, and it is a musical tribute to Sir Douglas Bader with all proceeds from the sale of the CD going to the Douglas Bader Foundation. The music from Farley’s LEGACY was used to accompany a touring air show display which was staged by THE BADER BUS COMPANY which was a display flown by a team of disabled pilots, the first time this has ever been attempted.


Farley wrote an inspiring and theme laden work which although brief compared with the composer’s film scores and various other musical commissions is an emotive and inspiring work. He pays tribute to the late Sir Douglas Bader via his deeply affecting and luxurious sounding piece THE RETURN HOME, which is overflowing with a lavish and somewhat haunting aura. This mood is purveyed to a greater degree in the cue, DOUGLAS BADER ELEGY that is performed by strings and has to it an atmosphere of solitude and calm brought to fruition by Farley’s utilisation of faraway sounding horns at the opening of the track and also within it add to this poignant trumpet which compliments the horns and together they enhance the performance from the string section. It is for me a lonely yet hopeful sound that the composer achieves here. The piece containing so much emotion and richness. BADER’S BUS COMPANY MARCH is a delight, and can I think be likened to the great marches from film score history as in, THE GREAT ESCAPE, VOICE OF THE GUNS and COLONEL BOGEY. With its slightly cheeky flute introduction and the whistling underlined and punctuated by timpani and brass, slowly but surely the march builds into something that I am sure will become a firm favourite with all lovers of film music and maybe in the near future will become a standard in concert performances. In these days of soundscape and non-thematic works for the cinema and other mediums, it is like a breath of fresh air to hear a work like LEGACY which has to it real themes and wonderfully crafted musical passages.


AIR BATTLE is for me a highlight of this short work, the composer combining the sound of air raid sirens within its framework, it is as one would expect a taught and tense affair and brings to the fore the real danger, apprehension and I suppose fear experienced by any fighter pilot in a combat situation. Thundering percussion is laced with driving strings and sharp brass, but amongst all this there is still a thematic heart to the piece. LEGACY is an inspiring work for such a worthy charity, the CD is available from the Douglas Bader Foundation, and is well worth adding to your collection, plus you will also be supporting the Foundation with your purchase.





Legacy CD by Guy Farley