From the opening notes it is apparent that the music from the documentary film ALTAMIRA THE ORIGIN OF ART is a soundtrack of immense quality, depth and originality. The score is the work of composer Arturo Cardelus, it is a beautifully crafted work which has to it so many colours and musical textures, the thematic excellence is evident as I say almost instantly. The composer tantalising and inviting the listener to be engulfed and immersed in an undulating but mostly calm sea of emotive and poignant compositions. There is a pureness and also a fragility present that to be honest is rare these days in movie music. The delicate and melancholy sounding tone poems are simple but effective and at times invade ones sub conscious making this soundtrack linger in ones head long after you have finished listening to it. But there is more to the score than just the elegant themes and the lilting melodies, for me the music creates a plethora of emotions and has a strong musical persona that I feel connects with the listener away from any images it was intended to enhance, it is a delight to listen to and has to it so many atmospheres and nuances that it at times oozes so much emotion and warmth it can be overwhelming. The composer is certainly a Master at purveying, wonder, mystery and numerous sensitive levels of emotiveness which at times relay feelings and senses of many varieties in just a few notes. To say that this is a soundtrack that you should have in your collection is an understatement, so I employ you to please check this out, I know once you have heard a fraction of it you will be smitten as I was. Piano, solo violin, woodwind and strings are predominant in the score, each instrument fitting perfectly in with each other, fusing together and complimenting one another, The composer also utilises, Female voice which is affecting, The recording also features tracks from the 2016 short, SWIMMING IN THE DESERT, again the music is emotive and filled with an atmosphere that is compelling, alluring and melodious. This is a release that I cannot recommend highly enough. Available now digitally from Movie Score Media and soon from Rosetta records on compact disc.