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BEARTREK is a documentary that is presented as an adventure. The conservation movie follows the respected and revered biologist Chris Morgan who embarks upon an epic journey to locate one of the globes the most elusive and endangered bears. In the film we discover what the Bears are facing and what perils that they must encounter in the wild. The film also introduces us to a handful of dedicated and selfless people who are doing everything that they can to stop these beautiful animals from becoming extinct. Documentaries such as this are becoming more and more frequently produced, and in recent years the musical side of things for these productions has also become more and more important. The composing duties on this occasion are undertaken by Jeremy Zuckerman, the composer was responsible for the music to SCREAM the TV series a few years back and has worked on a number of documentaries and small films. His music for BEARTREK is stunningly beautiful and matches the magnificence of the animals that are the subject matter of the movie. The score is filled with a variety of musical styles, and is performed in the main by an array of conventional instrumentation that is supported along the way via synthetic elements. I love the use of cello within the score, it purveys perfectly the solitude and at times the hopelessness that is felt by the animals and the people who are attempting to save them. It is a heart-warming and highly emotive work, and one that one could easily pass by, the composer also makes effective use of female vocals that lace and enhance key scenes within the movie and delicate sounding harp which punctuates many of the fragile and poignant moments within the score. This is one to not just check out, but one to add to our collection and own forever. Recommended.