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For any fan of Italian movies and film music the name of Franco Micalizzi will certainly be familiar, the composer produced some of the most lyrical and romantic scores of the 1970s and also managed to pen more than a handful of hard hitting jazz influenced works for police thrillers that were produced during this period. Micalizzi also had great success with his now classic Italian western scores THE GUN MEN OF THE AVE MARIA and THEY CALL ME TRINITY. Overall I think that Maestro Micalizzi, is probably along with Ennio Morricone one of the most successful composers of film music from Italy. Sadly though the Maestro’s work has up until recently been poorly represented on the compact disc format, so this is why I was so glad to see this and other  releases being issued by a number of record companies in Italy. . Granted this collection is not a compilation of themes that are  taken from the original tapes, but they have been arranged marvellously and painstakingly by the composer for performance by THE BIG BUBBLING BAND, who are an ensemble of nearly thirty musicians that come together wonderfully to create a uniquely vibrant sound. The band were formed back in 2004 by Franco Micalizzi, he put them together specifically to perform a concert of his Polizieschi film music from the 1970s and 1980s. The first concert proved to be very popular and many more were to follow, thus the next logical step was to release a compact disc. If you like the hard hitting jazz style that was employed in numerous Italian movies during the 70s and 80s I know you will just love this album, every track is a musical tour de force, driving percussion, uplifting, powerful sounding brass, pulsating keyboards and almost sleazy sounding sax and laid back flowing woods all go to make up the perfect cocktail that will please and delight the listener. Ten movies are represented on the disc, some well known others not that familiar, but the important thing is that the music is good, well more than good it’s brilliant. This is a must buy put it at the top of your shopping list, , because once you put it in the compact disc player you will not want to take it out and will probably still be listening to it in a month or so,s time. Its got pizzazz and panache and its just a great listen. Recommended.