Composer, arranger and conductor Bruno Canfora, was born in Milan and began to study piano from a very early age. After being trained in piano the composer moved onto focusing upon the Oboe, During, world war ll, Canfora, performed a number of concerts with his band in Trieste. After the war the composer decided that he would re-locate to Turin where he took up the position of conductor for the CASTELLINO DANCE ORCHESTRA. The composer is well known for his work in the pop music field and also for collaborating with Italian female vocalist Mina. Canfora composed the music for a number of feature films and also worked on television projects.

He composed a number of songs for Mina including a song that was a hit in Japan entitled ANATA TO WATASHI. He also worked with well known vocalists such as Shirley Bassey, for whom he wrote THIS IS MY LIFE. In 1991 he was the musical director for the Eurovision Song Contest which was held in Rome and conducted the orchestra for the Italian entry by Peppino Di Capri.

His film score career began in 1957 with THE MAN WHO WAGGED HIS TAIL and he went onto score some twenty or so movies from the late 1950’s through to the latter part of the 1970’s his last score for a feature film being in 1977 when he worked on DESTRUCTION FORCE.

His last score was for the TV series ONCE UPON A TIME IN ROME which was in 1979.

One of his most entertaining scores was for the 1966 production, IL VOSTRO SUPER AGENTE FLINT 9, which was awash with jazz slanted cues which he fused with big band sounds and dramatic scoring.This is a score that is thankfully available on digital platforms and is an entertaining musical outing.

His score for THE QUEEN OF THE TARTARS too, is an atmospheric work, and again available on digital platforms. The composer on this occasion fashioning a highly dramatic and adventurous work for this low budget Peplum. His music being driving and powerful but remaining thematic. Canfora died on 4 August 2017 in Piegaro, Italy at the age of 92.