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Originally released on one of those CAM two for one soundtrack long playing records back in 1968, (mag 10.017) SCACCO INTERNAZIONALE, is a soundtrack composed by vintage Italian Maestro Carlo Rustichelli. At the time of its release on record the track total was limited to just eight cues, with another eight tracks from another Rustichelli spy film score SETTE UOMINI E UN CERVELLO on the B side of the album which featured the song DOMANDE performed by popular singer turned composer Nico Fidenco. The film directed by Rossano Brazzi starred Brazzi and Ann-Margret and was released outside of Italy as CRIMINAL SYMPHONY,SEVEN MEN AND ONE BRAIN or CRIMINAL AFFAIR. This soundtrack I have to say is also worthy of a CD release, so maybe BEAT might consider this for a future project.


Ok, back to SCACCO INTERNAZIONALE or THE LAST CHANCE as it was known outside of Italy. The film  featured Tab Hunter and Michael Rennie and took its inspiration from the James Bond films that had become popular during the early 1960’s as we all know this was something the Italians were good at doing, taking an established brand or genre and then creating something similar but not quite the same, but doing this so well. The score is typically Rustichelli, containing many of the composer’s little quirks of orchestration and musical nuances such as organ, big band jazz sound and a more classical orientated dramatic symphonic approach, all of which worked on their own levels and together when the Maestro employed them simultaneously. Many of the score’s cues can I suppose be referred to and categorised within the lounge or easy listening genre of music. But there are some nice little touches as in upbeat passages and even a march of sorts that the composer utilises to great effect. This in my opinion is probably one of the composers better scores form this period in his career, the use of a Smokey and even sleazy sound created by breathy woods and vibes sets the scene perfectly and Rustichelli builds on this with his inclusion of muted trombones, trumpets and jazz bass. As I already have said the LP contained just eight tracks, this compact disc release from BEAT records has a staggering thirty three, eight of which are from the original LP and are track numbers twenty six through to thirty three, so if its value for money you are looking for then this certainly delivers.


The music is wonderfully melodic and entertaining with a number of polished piano solos that stand out throughout the recording.   The CD itself is presented wonderfully, with stills from the movie, poster art work and interesting notes on the film and the composer by Pier Maria Bocchi. Sound quality is excellent and it’s the first time I have heard this in stereo because the LP was a mono recording. This is certainly worth adding to your collection, if you have never heard it you are in for a treat, if you already own the LP record then you will be delighted by the extra tracks and also the great sound quality.




Maestro Carlo Rustichelli was without a doubt one of Italy’s most prominent composers of film music. He not only scored Italian made movies but was also sought out by film makers outside off the realms of Cinecitta to work on their movies, he worked on a number of Hollywood productions and on every occasion rose to the challenge not only supporting the drama and action on screen but also infusing the motion picture in question with a sound and style that was unmistakably Italian. His use of the more traditional sounding Italian flavoured compositions being a huge hit with cinema audiences all over the world. Rustichelli was for sake of a better description an old school composer who began his career in film scoring at around about the same time as Angelo Francesco Lavagnino, Mario Nascimbene and Nino Rota and like Nascimbene he became a  much in demand composer by non Italian filmmakers to score their movies. He worked on Tragedies, Sword and Sandal Epics, Comedies, Romances, Horror, Police Thrillers, Tales of Adventure and mystery plus he was also very active scoring Italian made westerns.  The composers take on western scoring was slightly different from the sound that was being achieved and  utilised during the period of the 1960,s through to the 1980,s by other composers when the cruelly nicknamed SPAGHETTI WESTERN was at the height of its popularity and that is why his music not only stands out but has also become memorable and enduring. Rustichelli often adopted a more classical or operatic approach when writing for the western and created a sound that was probably more akin to the traditional sound of the Hollywood sagebrush saga as in the romantic and sweeping the composer often combining the grandiose sound of symphonic with a scattering of more upbeat styles and sounds, introducing choir, organ, electric and bass guitar to the equation if and when required giving his scores a more upbeat and contemporary style. Rustichelli was also known for including a circus or comedic sound to his western scores as in BOOT HILL or within the fabric of his music for the excellent REVENGE AT EL PASO. The majority of his western scores contained a strong epic style as in his soundtracks for RIDERS OF VENGEANCE (also available on Kronos records) and BLOOD RIVER which he penned under the alias of Angel Oliver Pino. Rustichelli also provided a strong and deeply emotional sounding score for MAN, PRIDE AND VENGEANCE which although not a western has up until recently been categorised as one by collectors and critics alike. But it is probably the composers non western music that he is best remembered for such as his infectious music for movies such as AVANTI, DIVORCE ITALIAN STYLE, SEDUCED AND ABANDONED, ALFREDO ALFREDO, KAPO, SIGNORE E SIGNORI and many more.



Rustichelli’s music contained a lush and lavish sound that was not only full of drama but filled to overflowing with passion and a high level of romanticism and melody, his sweeping themes  being the mainstay of his film music work. In many ways his music was more akin to the music of the golden age composers of Hollywood, rich in thematic material and bursting with opulent and lavish leitmotivs. Rustichelli was born in Capri (Modena) on Christmas eve 1916, he studied music in Bologna, where he gained his diploma in pianoforte and then continued to study in Rome where he graduated in composition. He began to write for film in 1942 and soon established himself as a composer of note that possessed a true talent with a gift for melody and originality. He composed the music for IL GIOVANE GARIBALDI   which was an Italian movie made for television that was aired in two episodes in 1974. Directed by Franco Rossi the mini series starred Maurizio Merli in the title role and Philippe Leroy who were supported well by good performances from Luigi Pistilli and Giulio Brogi.  Selections of Rustichelli,s score were released on a stereo C.A.M. long playing record in April 1974 (SAG 9058) but these 14 selections had a short running time which added up to just over 30 minutes. KRONOS RECORDS have for this release assembled a fuller and more expansive representation of this magnificent soundtrack allowing us to experience for the first time the full effect of the Maestros score. The film or series itself is sadly overlooked and also grossly underrated and at last this release will act as a fitting tribute to the wonderfully haunting music that Carlo Rustichelli penned to enhance and support it. During his illustrious career Maestro Rustichelli composed the music for over 250 motion pictures as well as writing the scores for a number of television projects, he was truly a giant in the world of music for film. He passed away on November 13th 2004 in Lazio Italy aged 87.




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Kronos Records proudly presents  for the first time ever on CD one of the most epic, beautiful and bombastic scores by the late Maestro FRANCESCO De MASI : Solimano il Conqiuistatore (Suleiman the Conqueror) the soundtrack for the 1961 Italo-Yugoslavian co-production, directed by Vatroslav Mimica.


After a beautiful 33 rpm records published on the late Franco De Gemini’s Beat Records at the time of the film, the “Solimano Il Conquistatore” soundtrack appears for the first time ever on CD, completely remastered for the occasion and ready to transport you in the magical epic world of one of the world’s most genial composers ever.  MAESTRO FRANCESCO De MASI conducts his own work in the masterpiece. Liner notes courtesy of FILIPPO De MASI , the Maestro’s only son who honours us once again with his foreword.


Limited edition of 500 copies

Preorder opens  30th November 2013

Release Date    January 2014


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Kronos Records proudly presents  for the first time ever on CD and in its complete form CARLO RUSTICHELLI’s epic dramatic score for the 1964 television mini-series I PROMESSI SPOSI (The Bethrooted) based on Alessandro Manzoni’s historical novel of the same name.


The music was previously only released on a vinyl by CAM the same year the series was aired on television.   Kronos Records is proud to present this soundtrack for the first time ever on CD format. The first eighteen tracks of the CD contain the program as featured on the original CAM lp. The rest of the CD contains the rest of the cues as heard in the series and all previously unreleased in any format, courtesy of the C.A.M. vaults.



Limited edition of 500 copies

Preorder opens  30th November 2013

Release Date    January 2014


img22533281Originally released in 1964 on the CAM records label, this now classic Carlo Rustichelli soundtrack is an item that is long overdue for release onto compact disc. I CAVALIERI DELLA VENDETTA, AKA-(Riders of vengeance, Llanto por un bandido, La charge des rebelles, Les bandits or Weeping for a bandit) is filled to brimming with proud, patriotic and Hispanic musical references that are fused with an abundance of sweeping and epic sounding passages and highly dramatic interludes which at times have an almost martial air to them but also have an underlying atmosphere that is tragic in its make up. Rustichelli utilizes a grand symphony orchestra and makes effective use of strings, percussion and brass sections; he also laces the score with a number of romantic and passionate guitar solos and augments and punctuates certain cues with his now familiar sounding organ nuances and subdued trumpet solo’s. Like many of the Maestro’s works for the cinema this is a classically orientated score that is full of grandeur and fervour. The score has always been in what I refer to as my most played Italian film soundtracks and the original CAM LP record is still in my collection and I do not think even with the release of the score onto compact disc I will part with it. Thought by many at the time of its release to be an Italian western (thanks Michael Jones) it is like, MAN, PRIDE AND VENGEANCE (also scored by Rustichelli), set in Spain.



The story of I CAVALIERI DELLA VENDETTA takes place in the region of Spain called Andalusia during the 19th Century. Where Spanish patriots battle the forces of the French occupiers. Directed by Carlos Saura the movie starred Lino Ventura, Lea Massari and Fransico Rabal, plus a small part was also undertaken by French Filmmaker Luis Bunuel who was a friend of Saura’s. Rustichelli’s romantically led yet brooding and stirring soundtrack is a wonderful accompaniment to the action and drama that is being acted out on screen. Kronos records should be complimented on the high standard of this release, not only in the sound quality department but also in its presentation, which includes some impressive art work and stills from the movie. Plus there is the little matter of no less than 30 extra cues, the original long playing record contained 17 tracks this new edition of the soundtrack has 47. The other plus being this recording is in stereo, with a running time of just over an hour. If you are a fan of Rustichelli you will adore this score and if you are not familiar with his work? (1) WHY? And (2) This will convert you to his composing talents, a limited edition so hurry order it now… Recommended.


Dio_perdone_io_no_CDDM051Originally released in 1967 on a CAM single and then later during the 1970’s on Phoenix records, this Carlo Rustichelli soundtrack is an Italian western score with a difference, when I say this I do not mean it in a derogatory way at all, as it is an interesting and vibrant score, GOD FORGIVES I DON’T, contains none of the what I like to refer to as stock musical trademarks that we normally associate with the genre of the spaghetti western, there are no shrieks, whistles or trumpet solos, in fact this is a very classical sounding score that comes complete with a DIES RAE in the style of Wagner. Rustichelli does however utilise electric guitar in a few of the cues but on the whole keeps strictly to a more conventional approach in his scoring of this movie. This was the first move to pair actors Bud Spencer and Terence Hill and its director Giuseppe Colizzi went on to work with the successful acting duo in two other westerns REVENGE IN EL PASO and BOOTS HILL which were both scored by Maestro Rustichelli and are also both available on Digitmovies. This particular recording contains not only the 16 cues that were originally issued on the Phoenix LP but also a further 8 tracks that have been made available for the first time by CAM records in Rome, Digitmovies have made a fine job of restoring all the tracks to their former glory, and have also produced a colourful and eye arresting cover and liner booklet for the compact disc. The scores backbone is the DIES RAE which opens the soundtrack, Rustichelli builds upon this central thematic material to produce a somewhat serious and powerful work, which also contains a few lighter moments as in CATS THEME, which is heard in a handful of the soundtracks cues. There are also a number of cues which the composer wrote for performance by a small jazz band as in track 5 ROSE and track number 9 THE FUNERAL which is almost like the type of music that is played at a Funeral in New Orleans. Overall this may not be the best Italian western score written, but it is certainly powerful, diverse and interesting enough to have a place in any collection of film music.