The rock ensemble Goblin have for many years been associated with the music from Italian made horror and thriller movies, and were the referred choice of the masterful Italian director Dario Argento, and it is Argento who has called upon Goblin once again to score his latest thriller. The director seems to have returned to his roots in the filmmaking industry for this bloodspattered murder mystery, for Nonhosonno is evocative of many of the intelligently produced thrillers that came out of Italy during the 1970s and 1980s. Goblin too have returned with a score that is highly evocative of their past compositions for film. Still rock orientated and similar in many ways to the composing style of Tangerine Dream. This well established quartet of gifted composer musicians have produced a soundtrack that is not only well suited to the film, but also one that is an entertaining listen away from the movie it was intended to support.

The score boasts infectious rhythms and highly dramatic passages that include some frantic and tense sounding work on keyboards by Claudio Simonetti, clever guitar performances by Massimo Morante that are supported by inventive bass lines which are the work of Fabio Pignatelli and all of these performances are punctuated and enhanced by the pounding drums of Agostino Marangolo. OK, so this might not be to everybody’s taste, but it is certainly not a bad score, and is a work that contains some very inventive writing. As well as the instrumental ingredients of the soundtrack, Goblins score also contains the wonderful voice of soprano, Vesna Duganova and the stylish saxophone performance of Antonio Marangolo. I think film music collectors should at least give this soundtrack a chance. Maybe they will be pleasantly surprised.