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After collecting soundtracks now for a good few years, it still amazes me that you can stumble upon so many musical gems and although I am now familiar with the score and the film, I was oblivious to its existence when Hexacord released the soundtrack and I think we have to say a big thank-you to Roberto Zamori for bringing this and other shining examples of Italian film music to collectors. So Sweet So Perverse is one such find. The movie, which starred Jean Louis Tringinant and Carrol Baker, is itself an interesting and entertaining piece of cinema, but the score by Riz Ortolani is a classy fusion of both the more classical sounding sides as well as the jazz lounge type style of the composer. So, an attention-grabbing blend of thematic material here.

The CD opens with a up-tempo song performed by J.Vincent Edward, which is followed by an instrumental version of the theme. In fact, the haunting theme can be heard throughout the soundtrack and just seems to become stronger and better on each outing. In many respects this is written in a style that is very similar to that of Nora Orlandi, especially when she worked upon The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh.

The sound achieved by Ortolani on this score is certainly different from, say, The Yellow Rolls Royce and is a delight from beginning to end. Even track number 8, a western saloon sounding cue, is enjoyable. This has to be one of Hexacords best releases, the sound quality art work and overall presentation are excellent. It’s is a limited edition compact disc, which has also been issued as a very limited edition LP for collectors.