2022 was an excellent year for composer Anne Nikitin, she scored six high profile projects including the lush and luxurious sounding Dangerous Liaisons Season one- for Starz, which is probably one of the best scores of the year. I did touch upon this score a few weeks back but not in any detail,.


This is an elaborate and gracious sounding work which also includes apprehensive and at times steamy and sensual interludes. There is a beauty within this work that shines and haunts. It has to it the elegance and the bravado that I can only liken to the film music of the golden age, the composer employing inventive and innovative sounding orchestration that has the ability to make any listener sit up and pay attention. It is fresh and alluring, totally consuming and completely mesmerizing.

The composers music being an integral component of the series, adding depth, atmosphere and punctuating beautifully the scenarios within the storyline. Every track is a delight, a enriching and refreshing listening experience that you wont to repeat as soon as the recording has finished playing.

There is also a fragility and delicate air to the work, which we hear in tracks such as Valmont and Camille, with its subtle piano and violin solos that compliment one another as they introduce the cue before the melody is taken by the string section to a more sweeping and lavish level, before returning again to the intimacy of piano and violin in a stunning and effecting performance that is emotive and poignant.

The composer also wrote an original opera for the series entitled The Opera of Paris which is breath-taking. There are two digital releases of the score, the more recent includes the opera. It is a score I recommend to you whole heartedly, and one that I am sure you will adore as I do.