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Daniele Patucchi is a composer who is sadly unrepresented on compact disc and when you think about it he was also treated in a similar fashion when it came to his scores being issued on vinyl. Thankfully his score for MAN FROM DEEP RIVER aka SACRIFICE has at last made it onto compact disc, Patucchi,s score is mainly a melodic one with two central themes re-occurring throughout its running time, the composer also makes good use of some slightly more atonal and sinister sounding music which is a fusion of symphonic and also electronic, but the two elements combine seamlessly and compliment each other along the way, giving support and also bolstering one another as the score progresses. The composer utilises strings and also a scattering of harpsichord that are in turn supported by subdued brass and woodwind with the occasional female solo voice making an appearance giving the work an uplifting and almost sensuous atmosphere as in track number 12 until said Female performer is interrupted by a searing electronic sound which is thankfully short lived but necessary. Track number 11 is one that I returned to because of the fresh and vibrant arrangement of one of the core themes, Patucchi launching it headlong in an up-tempo but at the same time slightly manic fashion with the string section doing most of the work, this is a score that I have to recommend because it is a great example of the work of this underrated composer in fact when Patucchi utilises harpsichord and strings and introduces woods and mixes in a sensual female voice the sound achieved is not unlike that of Ennio Morricone, and at one point his harpsichord has a chilling effect that is very similar to that when Bruno Nicolai used the instrument in a spidery sounding introduction to IL CONTE DRACULA, this is a gem of a score that has thankfully been preserved by BEAT. Nice art work with informative notes by Umberto Lenzi and Fabio Babini.





Daniele Patucchi, is a composer that has at times been unjustly and sadly overlooked by both collectors, recording labels and filmmakers, his scores have not been made that widely available and the very few that have made it onto record or compact disc have always been interesting and certainly entertaining and original in their overall sound and content. For this particular assignment the composer seemed to be particularly inspired, and created a soundtrack that is filled with catchy and haunting compositions, add to these compositions the excellent and flawless vocalising of the first lady of Italian film music, Eda dell Orso and we have what is called a winning combination and a wonderful listening experience for anyone who has the good fortune to add this item to their collection. The movie which was released in 1971 is an erotic medieval romp which starred the ample talents of Sybil Danning, Heidy Bohlen and also German actor Raimund Harmstorf, LA PIU ALLEGRA STORIA DAL DECAMERONE or THE EROTIC ADVENTURES OF SEIGFRIED as it was also titled has at its scores heart a lovely theme di amore for Sybil, Patucchi introducing this with harpsichord and harp at times and also expanded and elevating his musical ideas via the utilisation of Edda’s attractive and gentle vocalising accompanied by light use of percussion of strings, the work also contains a handful of other themes and musical motifs depicting characters and also situations that occur throughout the storyline, Patucchi’s subtle and at times low key music is not only a great accompaniment to the films images but stands away from the scenes and images to be an entertaining musical listening occurrence. Nicely packaged as always by Digitmovies, with good crisp sound quality, a must have CD.

Black Killer

Black Killer
Black Killer

The first Italian western score I ever heard by composer Daniele Patucchi was DEAF SMITH AND JOHNNY EARS or LOS AMIGOS as it was called in Italy. I remember thinking that the music was not pure Spaghetti in its style and overall sound but was a fusion of that type of scoring together with a more conventional approach which harkened back to the days of the traditional western a la Hollywood. Patucchi is a composer who worked steadily in film during the late 1960s, through the 1970s and into the 1980s. Although containing a number of original references, his music was not as popular as other composers who were active at around the same time but this does not mean that Patucchi’s style and approach to scoring movies did not find favour with some soundtrack collectors and aficionados of music from Italian cinema. Continue reading Black Killer