DARK WAVES (BELLEROFONTE), is an Italian produced fantasy/horror movie which received its premiere in 2015, directed by highly creative and inventive film maker Domiziano Christopharo who in recent years has been responsible for bringing to the screen, FLESH MANNEQUINS-TOTALLY UNCUT, VIRUS EXTREME CONTAMINATION and the absorbing and tense Giallo like horror THE TRANSPARENT WOMAN. Christopharo is an all round filmmaker because he not only directs and produces but takes on the role of writer, cinematographer, and also worked on special effects. This all rounder has also turned his hand to editing and acting as well as being able to compose music. Some of his other credits include DOLL SYNDROME, RED KROKODIL, HYDES SECRET NIGHTMARE and BLOODY SIN. Composer Alexander Cimini, has written a lusciously atmospheric work for DARK WAVES there are many moods and colours present throughout the soundtrack and his riveting and at times haunting score elevates and supports the story being acted out on screen marvellously, his score punctuating and underlining each and every segment and although the music is supporting and effective it is never over the top or the intrusive, however it manages to create a deliciously dark yet romantically laced mood, the composers themes and musical nuances seamlessly weaving themselves throughout the storyline adding a greater impact and dimension to it. Cimini has collaborated with Christopharo before on SHOCK;MY ABSTRACTION OF DEATH in 2013 but most notably on RED KROKODIL in 2012 for which the composer provided a wonderfully rich but at the same time subtle sounding work. Alexander Cimini is also an individual that is multi talented within the film industry and although he works mainly as a composer he also regularly works from behind the camera as a director and assistant director, plus he has also worked as an editor and a producer and in his role as a composer has collaborated with other film music Maestros by writing the theme music for films such as REGALO A SORPRESA and HYDES SECRET NIGHTMARE. The composers use of a wordless Female vocal (Soprano Monica Boschetti) within the score for DARK WAVES is affecting and haunting, he creates a phantom like ethereal and mystical musical persona that at times is chilling and icy but also can have the effect of becoming mesmerising, alluring and beautiful. This exceptional performance is fused with outstanding violin and cello solo performances by Roberto Noferini and Sebastiano Severi respectively and together these elements make this score one that should be in every discerning film music aficionados collection.


Maestro Marco Werba also contributed to the soundtrack by writing a lilting and melodic piece entitled LOVE SONG which is the opening credit theme for the movie, this appears at the end of the compact disc (track 17). This is a score that is delicate, powerful and undeniably romantic with an underlying mood that is fearsome, apprehensive but never overwhelming. The compact disc will be available on the KRONOS RECORDS LABEL and my advice to you is to buy it ASAP, this is a welcomed addition to the Kronos catalogue and hopefully you will be welcoming a copy of this score to your own collection very soon.