If like me you grew up in the 1960,s then you will be familiar with the TV show I Love Lucy, which starred Lucille Ball and featured Desi Arnaz, it was at the time a must see, and to be honest was mostly all good clean fun. Airing on Amazon Prime is a new documentary, biopic entitled Lucy and Desi, which looks like it is a labour, of love for the producers, director and writers involved. Its true to say that much has already been covered regarding the somewhat stormy relationship between Lucille Ball and Arnaz, but this film goes deeper and uncovers many taped conversations and a lot of unseen footage.

The director of the film Amy Poehler has unearthed a veritable treasure trove of material to produce an penetratingly personal history that comes across as a heartfelt tribute to both Lucille’s and Desi’s artistry and professionalism. What really resonates more than anything is hearing their voices describe episodes of their lives with such frankness and a certain amount of melancholy that makes their divorce feel as if it was a tragic inevitability 62 years later.  The film features a plethora of stars but living and no longer with us.

The music for the movie is by composer David Schwartz, who has provided the story with a score that is subtle, touching, and delicate, with numerous moments of melancholy that are tinged with fragility and poignancy. It is a score that covers many styles including Latin, dramatic, romantic, and comedic.

The composer relying upon strings, piano, and the brass section to create at times luxurious and salubrious sounding sections, at certain points utilising a sorrowful sounding cello solo which is heartbreakingly effective. Being a documentary there is a lot of music in the movie, and the score runs for nearly forty minutes, it is an entertaining listen and if you have not already seen the documentary the music will make you want to. Check out the score its available on digital platforms. Recommended.