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djinnAs I have said so many times before Horror movies crave music, they need it probably more than any other genre of film and are a wonderful genre in which a composer can become creative bringing terror and even more foreboding to an already scary movie. DJINN is one such case in point, the movie is already a jumpy and frightening viewing experience, but add to this a realy atmospheric and chilling soundtrack and well, get out of my way I am behind the sofa under the duvet or even out of the house. Composer B C Smith who worked on other scores such as SMOKE SIGNALS and MOD SQUAD has fashioned an all-electronic work, which not only scares the pants off the listener but supports and underlines each and every terrifying frame of the movie superbly. I say this is an all-electronic score, which is true but the composer creates some beautifully crafted passages throughout, which for me personally evoke the music of Italian group Goblin as well as composers such as Joseph Bishara, Fabio Frizzi and Claudio Simonetti, it is probably true to say it is more atonal than melodic, but this is a horror movie and one that certainly calls for harsh and at times abrasive sounding tones, which B C serves up in the bucket load. Its one of those scores that maybe you think I am not going to enjoy this, but in the end, you love it because it is so inventive and also does the job it is supposed to. At times it is sparse and dark with a brooding and apprehensive persona that lingers or hovers throughout, it is suspenseful and multifarious as within the movie it accompanies the central female character as she gradually and helplessly falls into insanity. The soundtrack does contain a slightly more emotive side, but these colours and textures are few and far between and largely are utilised to enhance any warm and close moments experienced by the family, for which the composer turns to solo piano. This is a score that will bring to the surface many emotions and senses, and one that I think will be recognised as a masterful work within the horror genre. Available on Howlin Wolf records, who have done a great job on the presentation, the release also has liner notes courtesy of the composer, worth checking out.