Dr Strange in The Multiverse of Madness.

Marvel Studios continue to go from strength to strength with characters such as Moon Knight being introduced on Disney plus and sequels and prequels for many of our favourite superhero characters. The sequel to Dr Strange is upon us and the movie entitled Dr Strange in The Multiverse of Madness contains a wonderfully apt and affecting score by Hollywood super star composer Danny Elfman, all the Elman quirks and stylistic sounds are present plus more.

This is a welcome release as I have always enjoyed the offbeat and somewhat oddball compositions of this highly sought-after composer. Right from hearing the opening strains of his Batman theme back in 1989 I just knew that Elfman was here or should I say hear to stay, and over the years he has scored some of the most lucrative and popular movies in recent cinema history. His style and that odd rather off kilter sound that he employs is instantly recognisable, his mischievous musical prowess has graced and supported many superheroes and other character over the decades.

And this one of his recent scores is no exception to the rule. It contains a robust and mainly action led score, which contains hints of mystery and lashings of the anthem like and epic style that we now come to expect with the films as produced by Marvel. To say that Elman’s score for this latest outing for Dr Strange as portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch is a powerhouse of a work would I think be something of an understatement but let’s not forget the lighter and more fragile and delicate interludes that are contained within the soundtrack, pieces that are enchanting, poignant, and rapturously affecting.

Swelling strings, plaintive piano, and light use of woods all come into the equation combining to fashion beautiful and haunting musical passages. This is a commanding work, filled to the brim with numerous action cues and as many melodious and romantically melancholy cues. It’s a winner for me, available now on digital platforms….