HeadlessA Sleepy Hollow Story is a new comedy series, which brings the story of Sleepy Hollow into modern times but with a little bit of a twist. Ichabod Crane arrives in Sleepy Hollow for a fresh start, but his roommate, who just happens to be The Headless Horseman, has different plans for him. It’s an addictive show which I thought was very good from the get go and over the following ten episodes just got better. The standard of writing and the acting qualities for this production put so many other so-called top-notch TV shows to shame. And considering this is a low budget affair made by Shipwrecked comedy one can only imagine what the same team would achieve with a decent amount of money. The show is inspired by fanfiction written by a young Sinead Persaud  after seeing the 1999 movie  Sleepy Hollow with a different angle having  involving Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman as roommates.

It’s on you tube so why not go take a look, the music is brilliant to be honest and helps the series greatly punctuating moments of comedy and horror perfectly, when I say horror its not really a horror but the storyline, we all associate with all those horror pics and shorts that have been made dealing with the same subject.

Composer Dylan Glatthorn has created an infectious score which begins with the enticing and alluring opening theme, which has a duration of just twenty-seven seconds, but it’s a case again of the theme working well enough to get people interested more or less immediately, setting the scene for everything that follows.

The composer in my opinion does a great job providing dark and shady sounds as well as comedic and at times slightly romantic musical notions and phrases that enhance and support the action and the laughs all the way through. It’s a haunting score as in there are numerous themes that one latches onto and these work as an integral part of the production, it’s a mix of synth and conventional instrumentation as far as I can make out, but don’t hold me to that,

I love the way the music flows throughout the series, itself creating scenarios or at least accentuating them and elevating them. Its also a score that once you have heard it will want to go back to the beginning and start all over again, its supportive and highly entertaining. Recommended.