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Daniel Pemberton is I think one of the most inventive and talented composers working in film nowadays, his adaptability is something that at times I cannot take in, because he is able to tailor his style and the sound he achieves to any genre and any type of project, One of his latest scores is for the Netflix movie ENOLA HOLMES.  Now this is like a breath of fresh air, musically speaking of course. The composer serves up a soundtrack that is literally bursting with a rich and melodic thematic content. Pemberton, has certainly embraced the movie and its storyline, creating something that is instantly likeable and also a soundtrack that one just wants to hear more of from the opening bars. Largely symphonic, the composer fashions an eloquent and romantic sounding work, that is hauntingly beautiful and also bombastically dramatic at the same time. The opening cue, ENOLA HOLMES (WILD CHILD) is straight away something that the listener can latch onto, it begins with an air of mystery, but soon moves into something that is more up-tempo and alluring, with the composer enlisting strings, solo woodwind and a upbeat percussive background, which acts as support to solo violin and a small string section as they lay down the introduction to the movie and also invite us into the score.

This is a score that has numerous attributes and many positives, in fact I don’t think that there is one cue I would say I wanted to skip over whilst listening to the work. Pemberton also makes effective use of female wordless vocals, which become a essential component of the soundtrack as it progresses and develops. The core theme is a pleasant one, and the composer utilises this throughout the score building other themes upon it and also orchestrating it freshly in various guises to give it a new lease of life on its outings. This I would say is probably one of the composers best scores to date, it is inventive, innovative and entertaining, having to it a quintessentially English sound, that also at times bursts into a flourish of something that is more contemporary and interesting. Its grandiose in places, mischievous, jaunty, and filled with melodic excellence.  Do not delay go and add this one to your collection today.