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Originally issued on a CAM LP (sag 9017) back in 1969, this very appealing Stelvio Cipriani soundtrack is one that contains numerous melodies and also one that will haunt the listener for many days after the initial play. Cipriani as we all know is capable of creating some gorgeous melodies and also themes that are less than easy listening in their make up. Within FEMINA RIDENS the composer treats us to themes which are pleasant, attractive, jagged, eerie, romantic and dramatic, this is a score that literally has something for everyone and also a work that must count as one of Cipriani,s best and that is saying something considering the wealth of music this Maestro has produced for the cinema. Edda,s unique vocalising is utilised throughout the score and turns up in slightly comical sounding tracks as in cue number 3, HOT SKIN where her almost laughing vocal is accompanied by harpsichord which can only really be refereed to as  British stiff upper lip sounding  that is underlined and punctuated by strings. Then there is track number 6, SOPHISTICATED SHAKE, Edda this time doing some of those heavy breathes and sighs over a semi pop sounding accompaniment, which is made up of electric bass guitar, organ and percussion. She also returns in track 7 this time backed up by Il Cantori Moderni and an up-tempo composition her vocals themselves acting as a dramatic sounding enhancement to the principal vocals of singer Olympia as she the vocal version of Cipriani,s central theme for the movie. Once again we are treated to Eddas vocals in track number 9, THE SHOWER, which is I suppose waltz type theme that comprises of grand sounding Strauss like strings and brasses in the style of The Blue Danube, harpsichord and also choir which combine to create a grandiose but also clumsy sounding affair. Track 16 also includes some vocal work by Edda, as this is a fired up instrumental version of the central theme, which although very short lived is quite impressive as the Maestro delivers it in an arrangement that is exhilarating and energetic. There are 19 cues on the compact disc, 1 to 11 are taken from the original LP masters the remainder which are previously unreleased are gems of music that have been in storage far too long, FEMINA RIDENS was always a favourite of mine, and now we have this release I have to say it has returned once again to my top ten list of great Italian film scores. Packaged to the normal impeccable standard as we come to expect with Digit Movies, containing informative notes, and some pretty interesting stills from the movie… Highly recommended, a fantastic listen.