I am always in awe of the industrious ethics of the label Move Score Media, it seems at times that this is the only soundtrack label around, simply because they issue so many film and television scores, and they all seem to be good, as in I am yet to find a bad one. What I love about the label is there persistent and ongoing search to release soundtracks by composers that maybe are unknown or at least not in the limelight that much, by doing this they keep collectors interested and this reviewer intrigued as to what will pop up next, well FINDING HOME (HABET) is the answer to that question. The music for this Danish TV series is the work of composer Nicklas Schmidt, who has worked on fair few films, TV shows and also documentaries as well as working as an orchestrator on the score for THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING in 2014 for composer Johann Johannsson. He is no stranger to the Movie Score Media label as they have released two of his scores previously, these being, ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS and A CONSPIRACY OF FAITH. His music for FINDING HOME is stunning, the composer constructing poignant and achingly beautiful pieces throughout and purveying these via largely strings and solo violin to which he adds guitar and at times introduces percussive elements which add an atmosphere of tension. But, the score is predominantly exected via strings, which are at times poignant and emotive, then turn into more apprehensive and edgy performances. The cue A NEW JOB for example has to it a quite jagged and harrowing style and sound, with slow but forthright sounding strings acting as a background to a slightly less dramatic violin solo. The combination is effective and striking. The composer also utilises solo piano at certain points which engages in a lilting melody that is supported and underlined by subdued but rich and vibrant strings, as in MARIE BY THE WATERFALL, this is an engaging score and also an interesting work, it contains inventive orchestrations and is filled with delicate melodies that will haunt and tantalise the listener. Another one for the Christmas stocking I think..