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Movie Score Media adds yet another great soundtrack to its ever growing and ever impressive catalogue of music from the cinema and television. This time it is from the documentary, FINIS TERRAE, which contains an impressive original score by composer Christophe Zirngibl, of course we have encountered the music of this composer before in TRANSIT, LUNA,ANGST-DERFEINDIN MEINEM HAUS and THE RUN, each movie or project containing a supportive and melodic score and each having its own unique sound and musical identity. I am really pleased that FINIS TERRAE has been made available for all to listen to, it is a theme laden soundtrack which maybe without the aid Of Movie Score Media would not have got to see the light of day. It is a score that in my opinion is extremely well written and performed, there is a plethora of rich and beguiling thematic material here for collectors to savour and appreciate. Material, which has to it a luxurious sound and an eloquent and lush style in places. Symphonic in its overall sound, with support from electronic instrumentation it is overflowing with melodious pieces that form mesmerising and haunting themes and effecting nuances that are both dramatic and emotionally charged. The composer employs choral sounds alongside synthetic stabs and symphonic sounding themes which are vibrant and romantic, he also utilises various percussive sounds which act as a background to the core themes for the score.




This is an interesting work, and one that one should listen to on loop to fully appreciate as I know you will never tire of hearing the beautiful themes and highly dramatic cues. There is also a smouldering and brooding sound present at times, but it is the more thematic material that holds the attraction for me personally, the use of voices as in choir is stunning and at times almost celestial, solo piano performances are fragile and subtle, as in WEARY DREAMS which is a favourite of mine, I love the way in which the composer begins with piano and gradually introduces a solo violin that is itself underlined and supported by strings, this combination produces a heart breaking and melancholic sounding piece, that is breath-taking and affecting, the same can be said for track number, eight THROUGH A VANISHED COUNTRY, again piano, with cello that although sounds so sad is uplifting and beautiful, the composer ushers in choir and also horns act as a background, which creates an unforgettable sound that is mesmerising and powerful. Then we have THE FORGOTTEN REVOLUTION track number nine, again stunning, strings, woods, piano, percussion and soprano how could it disappoint. And REQUIEM FOR A CENTURY too is very special, poignant and haunting this is superb music. But I have to say that there are really no stand-out moments within the score, because every single track on the score and every single every composition is excellent. This is a wonderful soundtrack and you MUST add it to your collection, if not you will regret it forever. I urge you to check this out A.S.A.P.