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Video game scores are getting more and more epic in their sound and also the style in which composers approach them. GREEDFALL is a role play action game and has atmospheric and surprisingly thematic score by composer Olivier Deriviere, surprising I think is probably the wrong word, I was just surprised personally on how melodious and thematically developed this soundtrack was, not having really delved into video game soundtracks that much. Maybe my idea of a game score is the annoying little tune we used to hear on Tetris? But, GREEDFALL is an accomplished and hauntingly beautiful and also dramatic soundtrack. Whether it is fully symphonic or even symphonic at all I cannot say as recently samples etc have become increasingly more hi-brow and developed as in they sound symphonic and it is so difficult to differentiate between conventional instrumentation and synthetic sounds and samples. I suppose it is not whether they are conventional or electronic, its about how the composer utilises them and if they serve the film or in this case game well. GREEDFALL I enjoyed immensely, I would imagine that something as big and robust sounding as this would have some symphonic elements, and the richness of many of the tracks is a credit to the composer’s talent and versatility. The more epic moments are scored with gigantic sounding brass flourishes that are accompanied by sweeping and lush string passages which are themselves embellished and underlined by the use of percussive support. It is once again a score written in modern times that evokes many of the qualities that we have heard before in the works of composers such as James Horner, Jerry Goldsmith and Basil Poledouris. This is an entertaining work that keeps on giving as it progresses and develops, the composer fashioning melodious and haunting pieces that delight and enthral as well as providing numerous more powerful and commanding sections which are thundering and gorgeously grandiose. It is at times upbeat and passionate, fragile and delicate and also has to it a sound that will linger long in your head long after you have finished listening to it. Please check this out give it a chance, I am confident you will not be sorry.

Track listing.

1. The Fallen Hope (2:44)
2. Death Is Upon Us (2:26)
3. The Beast Unleashed (2:58)
4. Farwell Mother (1:54)
5. The Adventure Begins (1:08)
6. A Different World (1:41)
7. Building Our Future (3:04)
8. Bandits (1:25)
9. Mystical Landscapes (3:07)
10. The Calm of Nature (2:10)
11. Eyes Wide Open (3:11)
12. Human Nature (1:41)
13. Environmental Beauty (3:23)
14. Trans-nature (2:04)
15. Meditative Surroundings (2:16)
16. Making Peace with Ourselves (3:33)
17. The Suffering (1:48)
18. An Ancient Call (1:35)
19. Look at the Stars (3:07)
20. Misunderstanding (1:16)
21. Celebration (3:24)

available on spotify and i tunes.