HELLBOY (2019).


Following in the footsteps of Marco Beltrami and Danny Elfman, composer Benjamin Wallfisch, is the Maestro assigned to providing HELLBOY with an appropriate soundtrack. Wallfisch, has certainly stepped up to the mark for this one, the composer has created a high octane and rock infused work in which he utilises pounding percussion and crashing electronics to fashion an energetic and powerful work. However, I personally am not certain if I actualy like the score, maybe it’s the rock style that is in the background of the work, but I think this is key to the central character. There are a few cues that do have some nice rousing action passages where Wallfisch evokes the style and sound created by both Beltrami and Elfman when they gave HELLBOY his musical persona. Wallfisch, does at times bring a lushness to the surface via the use of strings which are both opulent and melancholy. There are also some nice brass stabs present throughout which give the work an urgent and edgy sound as they punctuate the proceedings. And add a greater depth and atmosphere to blaring and rasping brass flourishes that growl and combine with driving strings to push the action forward at pace. So a serviceable and fairly standard score which will obviously please many soundtrack collectors but nothing to realy shout about.