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Hermitage the power of art is a documentary that concentrates upon the famous museum which itself is a magnificent piece of architecture. The film takes us on a journey through the day to day life of this wonderful place and relates how the museum has over the rears become known for a place where artists, intellectuals and architects meet to appreciate and ponder the marvellous contents that are housed, displayed and stored within its walls. The museum is also known for creating artistic connections over the years via culture and various forms of art. This is a sumptuous and exciting and enlightening look at the treasures that are at the Hermitage and displays them in glorious high definition on the large screen for all to appreciate. The musical score for the documentary is by Dmitry Myachin and Maximillien Zaganelli , and is a polished and alluring work. Taking into consideration that the documentary shows us all the finery and grand architecture of the museum and the vibrant art-work within it, which itself is grandiose and imposing. The composers very cleverly took a more intimate and personal approach when it came to the music, by this I mean the score is not an overblown grand symphonic affair, but is performed in the main by solo piano which is I suppose grandiose in a way, but has to it a more subtle and delicate sound which enhances and entwines itself around the images we are being shown. It is at times scored for piano, violin and cello and there are a handful of moments when one can hear a little support from synthetic elements, but this is done with great care and the composers are sympathetic to the needs of the film throughout. Wen they combine the two elements as in conventional instrumentation and synthetic they never create a sound or style that is not in keeping with the requirements of the movie. The colours are vibrant and highly descriptive, and the textures are wonderfully articulated. This fusion of both instrumental and electronic mediums compliment and support each other throughout. The performance is stunning from start to finish and there are so many beautiful and emotive tone poems within the work it seems that this is a work that is a succession of poignant and affecting musical moments, each of which are haunting and mesmerising. A quality soundtrack that is filled with so many rich and pleasing themes. Recommended.