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To say that Eric Neveux is new to the world of film music is not entirely true. He actually began to take an interest in writing music for film some 15 years ago and has worked on a number of features and been involved with numerous projects which have been connected to film and television. The release of his music for the movie HIDEAWAYS is another example of Swedish based label Movie Score Media ardent commitment to releasing good scores by composers who are not exactly well known to collectors of movie soundtracks. This is a stunning score that is filled with wonderful thematic properties, interesting orchestration and haunting tone poems. It also contains its fair share of dramatic and darker moments but that is the job of music in film, to be varied and also to be dark and light thus matching the images and storyline and creating the correct mood and atmosphere that is required. It is a score that not only serves its subject matter well but has the ability to be an entertaining entity away from the images it was intended to enhance. Track one, ‘The Depth of the Forest (Theme from the Hideaways)’ is a particularly delightful composition – haunting and mesmerizing are two words I would use to describe it. The cue begins with solo piano which picks out a simple, pensive and cautious sounding theme. This is joined by subdued strings which underline the piano solo and also a chime effect that is played in unison with the piano. Woods are added to embellish and support, and the string section take on the piece with piano, then acting as punctuation for them. The strings melt away and the cue reverts to solo piano which relays an atmosphere of calm and solitude or loneliness to the listener. Strings again join the piano and play a more romantic version of the theme; again this is short lived and the cue reaches its conclusion as it began with solo piano. The composer’s light and emotive touch is stunning and beautiful; he interweaves beautiful motifs and utilizes solo instrumentation such as, affecting cello, plaintive flute, delicate almost fragile harp and piano to great effect, producing poignant, sensitive and heartrending compositions that are pleasing and lingering. He demonstrates his gift for melody throughout the work and this talent is displayed more prominently in track four ‘Another Baby’, track six Stronger Than Illness’, track ten ‘Abandoned Souls’, track eleven ‘Mae and James’, track thirteen ‘Waking up with the Birds’, and track sixteen ‘Two Lovers’, all of which are intimate and attractive and awash with melodic and passionate content.
The score also has less melodic interludes where the composer brings into play electric guitar and quirky sounding percussion as in track five, ‘A Boy Like No Other’ and sombre sounding strings combined with percussion on the cue ‘A Shadow in the Woods’ which is full of drama and suspense. So all in all HIDEAWAYS is an extremely good score and one that should be in every discerning film music lover’s collection. Highly Recommended.