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John il Bastardo



From the CAM vaults here is a classic Italian western soundtrack, originally released back in 1968, this Nico Fidenco score is full to overflowing with catchy and infectious sounding themes and cues, right from the opening vocal BALLATA DI JOHN sung by S. Moriones, this score pleases and to be honest astounds. Its quality is second to none, and in places could easily be mistaken for the work of Ennio Morricone, Fidenco makes excellent use of the vocalising talents of IL CANTORI MODERNI under the direction of Alessandro Alessandroni, along with clever and appealing orchestrations, which are obviously the work of Gianni Dell’Orso. Track 2 IL CARRETTO DELLA SPOSA is a perfect example of the style of this score and also the style that is now associated so readily with the Italian made western. Comical sounding trotting music which is similar to the style that Luis Baclov employed in his SUGAR COLT soundtrack, is the backing track to solo trumpet, light and easy sounding strings, which are in turn embellished with trills, barking, a meaty sounding piano and female voices shrieking. Track 3 is a more subdued and romantic sounding cue, ANTONIA is the love theme for the score, in this cue performed on solo guitar supported by quiet strings. Track number 4 is an orchestral version of the opening track, BALLATA DI JOHN, performed on harpsichord in an up tempo arrangement of Fidenco‚Äôs contagious composition. JOHN IL BASTARDO is certainly a landmark score for the composer, and is in my opinion one of his best western scores. Highly recommended. In fact cannot recommend it enough.