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Another classy and funky disco beat filled soundtrack from the ever popular Franco Micalizzi. The composer again combining the styles of jazz, dramatic orchestral scoring and ┬ábig band sound to great effect. I am so grateful for the likes of Digitmovies, BEAT, fin de siecle media etc for starting this release programme of some wonderful Micalizzi scores. This fast paced and intelligent Italian made police thriller was released in 1977, and starred the flamboyant and over the top Cuban born actor Tomas Milian. The score however has remained un-released up until now, this is certainly one of those rare jewels from Italian cinema and Micalizzi’s score is a foot tapping and enjoyable experience, it contains its fair share of disco sounding cues, which are included alongside tense and suspense filled compositions and also joined by brief but almost elegant sounding romantic tracks for orchestra and solo voice. If you did not know what movie the music had come from, you would probably think it was the work of Quincy Jones, Johnny Pate or even Isaac Hayes in parts. The theme or central musical motif for the score is heard in many of the tracks on the CD, Micalizzi fashioning the captivating rift and making it fresh and vibrantly interesting each time it is utilised, I found that once I had listened to the soundtrack I had to put it back on again, the themes are so appealing and haunting, I needed to hear them again. Presented wonderfully by Digitmovies, with numerous stills and interesting but brief sleeve notes, this is another must have release from the Italian record label.