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DREAM CINEMA, is not an actual score from a particular movie, but it is a collection of themes composed and conducted by the very talented music smith Larry Groupe, who of course we all know via his writing for the cinema, and his atmospheric scores for movies such as the remake of STRAW DOGS, DEAD DROP, RESURRECTING THE CHAMP and THE CONTENDER among others,  the composer tells us in the brief sleeve notes that this album is a collection of pieces that he has written that basically are for films or stories that he has dreamt of. It was something that he did as a child when laying in his bed of a night time before he went to sleep, he would imagine a story and score it in his head, this album is I suppose his music for imagined films thus the title DREAM CINEMA. The album opens with a stunning composition entitled THERE ARE HEROES AMONG US, female vocal is utilized being underlined and supported by enchanting and lush sounding strings, at first it put me in mind of the early works of Morricone when he employed the unique vocal talents of Edda dell Orso, the sound achieved here is almost celestial and intimate, but as the cue progresses the sound and style of the composition grows in stature and also in momentum, the composer adding to the mix choir, imposing brass and booming percussion which together create a more action led style that is exciting and somewhat tense and powerful, this builds and eventually segues into a thundering crescendo that seems to lift the entire orchestra onto a higher plain and leads into a sweeping, sumptuous and breathtaking romantic sounding theme performed by a full and lavish sounding string section, this is music that is filled to overflowing with emotion and beauty. The action music returns with percussive elements working overtime being embellished and underlined by choir and urgent brass flourishes, this mood fades rapidly and ends abruptly and the composition returns to how it began with solo female voice fleetingly being utilized to close the cue. The opening track has a great sound to it and sets the scene wonderfully for the remainder of the album, the composer pulls out all the stops in the opening cue, he creates a romantic and also a suspenseful atmosphere that echoes and evokes many of the great film music composers such as Williams, Goldsmith, Barry and Morricone. Track number two, CORAZON DE SEVILLA, is completely different from the opening cue, where as the opening is grand and powerful, this is quiet and reflective sounding, it is Hispanic in its sound and construction with two classical guitars being employed to perform the main melody with subtle and warm support from the string section.

groupe-press-smTrack number three, THE ULTIMATE CAUSE, is a return to a more upbeat and grand sound, in many ways this reminded me of John Williams music for THE PHANTOM MENACE, the cue begins with ominous sounding strings that gradually build assisted by punctuation from the brass and woodwind sections, choir is then added to the proceedings giving the composition an even more darker atmosphere, percussion supports the choir and drives it headlong on to the cues conclusion. As I said this evokes memories of PHANTOM MENACE for me personally, it has that sound to it and an atmosphere that is urgent and potent. The remainder of the album is a fantastic listen, and I know this is not a soundtrack as such but I think this is definitely film music that maybe is looking for a film! The music is powerful, haunting and highly atmospheric, it is at times action led but at the same time appealing and stirring. I am sure if this was sent to a film maker he would say straight away “Get this guy on the phone, I want him to score my next movie”. Larry Groupe has created a wonderful collection of themes for his dreams, so sit back close your eyes and imagine, superheroes, maidens in distress, romantic meetings, cowboys riding the vast open plains, heartfelt sorrows, enchanted kingdoms, vast deserts and the enormousness of outer space, because this music fits all of the above and more. Highly recommended, go buy it, available on IMPERATIVA RECORDS,IMP 00215.