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Le Chateau Du Tarot .

Le Chateau Du Tarot is a new short movie directed by filmmaker Matteo Garrone for Dior. In which Christian Dior promotes its latest collection with a 15-minute Tarot-themed film. The beautiful and beguiling musical score is by Italian born composer Andrea Farri, who has once again produced a score that is superbly thematic and haunting. I am always surprised when I hear anything from Farri because this young composer writes with such maturity and has to his film scores a sound that is not just innovative but alluring and inspiring and seasoned. Because this is a score for a short movie, there are just five cues on the digital soundtrack release, and it runs for just over thirteen minutes, but for me there is more to this than most scores that have been issued recently that run for over an hour and have more than one edition released.


This is an affecting work, a score filled with delicate and gracious tone poems and subtle musical strokes that seem to paint a picture upon a blank canvas, the composer coloring and giving texture and substance to the project. The music is fairly subdued for the majority of the duration, but there are certain passages when the composer utilizes solo voice that allow the music and the emotions created by it to rise and can be fully appreciated by the listener. This is a score that I whole heartedly recommend that you listen to, it is an eloquent and ingratiating listening experience, that I am certain you will return to so many times after your initial audio encounter, please check this out on digital platforms. Whilst there also sample more of the composers works.   Watch the short here and experience the images and the music.