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Composer Eric Jaques Levisalles was born in Paris in 1955, Eric Levi as he is better known is a French rock musician who has made his home in London, his career in rock music began back in 1975 when he and Fabienne Shine founded the hard rock band SHAKIN STREET, under this name they released two albums which were well received these were VAMPIRE ROCK and SOLID AS A ROCK and at the height of their popularity the band toured as a support act for AC DC and BLUE OYSTER CULT but in 1981 decided to disband. After this Levi decided to re-locate to New York and then in 1992 moved back to Paris. In his career as a composer he scored a number of movies, L’OPERATION CORNED BEEF and also the first in a trio of successful comedies LES VISITEURS being the first of these and becoming one of France’s top grossing movies at the box office. He is also known for being the man behind the musical project ERA and for creating the Latin sounding verses and words of these songs and compositions which is a fusion of Gregorian chant and rock/pop music.


One of his latest projects is the score for LES VISITEURS LA REVOLUTION which was released this year(2016) and directed by Jean Marie Poire. The score which Levi has penned has to be one of his most entertaining if not his best yet. The composer returns to the original material which he wrote in 1993 for the first in the trio of movies and gives it a more upbeat sound making it sound even more original and fresh. We are even treated to a Michael Kamen ROBIN HOOD style at times within the score which is good to hear and certainly rousing even if a little tongue in cheek, the secret is I suppose not to take it too seriously, just go with it and enjoy it. The music is a fusion of synthetic and symphonic with the composer including choral work and chanting to give the work a powerful and authentic feel. The score is filled with tension and apprehension but also has a softer and gloriously melodic side to it, Levi employing harp and strings to great affect to create a luxurious and highly romantic sound. The score I thought contained more than a gentle nod to Rota’s ROMEO AND JULIET in places and also of course is at times a homage to that rousing ROBIN HOOD PRINCE OF THIEVES theme which appears at regular intervals throughout the score. Maybe collectors might look at this release and pass it by, my advice is do not, buy it and you will not be disappointed I promise, this is a score that will entertain for many a listen and also will continue to stay fresh and original upon each and every outing. Highly Recommended.