Lo_voglio_morto_4101Another Spaghetti western from the latter part of the 1960’s LO VOGLIO MORTO was released in 1968, and starred Craig Hill in the role of Clayton the films main protagonist. The storyline is a one of revenge. After his sister is raped and murdered by bandits Clayton reports it to the sheriff who refuse to help, so takes it upon himself to hunt down the perpetrators. Directed by Paolo Bianchi, the movie includes certain scenes that are a gentle nod in the direction of Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai. An entertaining movie which is popular among  devotees of the genre. The infectious and driving musical score is by composer Nico Fidenco, and has never been issued in its complete form before now, again only excerpts were released on vinyl back in 1968 on CAM. The compact disc opens with CLAYTON BALLADE, Fidenco employing woodwind to begin with and then taking the cue slightly up-tempo and adding choir and strategically placed electric guitar, the cue then moves into a mid tempo composition that utilises a lazy sounding but infectious trumpet solo performance, that is interspersed with a bass saxophone that is surprisingly effective, this is all backed by effective use of Alessandroni’s IL CANTORI MODERNI. The track is a perfect opener to the soundtrack and sets the mood wonderfully for what is to follow. The theme that we hear in the opening cue is present throughout the score, but is arranged and orchestrated in various guises keeping it fresh and vibrant upon each outing. Track 2, CLAYTON GUITAR is a solo guitar version of the central theme and is a somewhat haunting and easy going version of the central theme. Track 3, GALOPPATA TRAGICA, I know is a cue that collectors will adore, it is text book Spaghetti western score. It begins with a harmonica solo by Franco de Gemini and then leads into one of those great galloping tracks, bass guitar, harmonica, French horn and racing snares are punctuated by a barking male choir, its classic spaghetti music. Tracks 4 and 5 are vocal versions of the CLAYTON BALLAD, sung firstly in English then again in Italian, both versions are sung by Lida Lu, who’s distinct vocals are impressive, IL CANTORI MODERNI, Franco De Gemini and Alessandro Alessandroni also perform on these cues.
There are a staggering 21 previously unreleased tracks included on this compact disc, and every single one of the 26 cues on the disc is a unique listening experience. Most definitely recommended, again some fantastic art work has been included within the booklet. You will kick yourself if you don’t get this one.