l_aa2_00Another unexpected treasure from Hillside CD productions, I have always considered Lavagnino as a first class composer and also an underrated talent in film scoring. It is a great pity that a number of collectors seem to ignore his scores but if the truth is known many Italian composers such as De Masi and even Morricone owe a lot to this stalwart composer who did for Italian film music what Muir Matheison did for British movie scoring. I loved his music for SALADINO, THE SPECIALIST and VENERE IMPERIALE plus numerous other soundtracks that this veteran film music composer signed his name to. THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN,(not to be confused with the James bond movie of the same name or Ringo and his Golden Pistol) or THE MAN WHO CAME TO KILL  was released in 1966, which was a busy year for the composer as he worked on ten movies. Considering that the style of the Italian western score had not really been established fully at this time the soundtrack to L’UOMO DALLA PISTOLA D’ORO  contains a number of the now standard musical trademarks of the genre , as in trumpet solos, racing snare drums, Spanish guitar solos, harmonica passages and the obligatory title song. I found this to be an interesting and an enjoyable listen with its evenly balanced inclusion of saloon tracks, low key romantic and poignant sounding cues and also its action tracks with the aforementioned racing snares acting as support to a soaring trumpet solo. I would recommend that any fan of the Italian western score should purchase this Compact disc. The sound quality is excellent and the art work is eye arresting, it is a ltd edition of just 750, so don’t drag your feet, just buy it now.