I won’t go into a big plot or synopsis talk about the movie to open this review, because the film in question is so good that I think you should go see it. Directed by Tom Ford who also directed A SINGLE MAN. NOCTURNAL ANIMALS is one of the best movies you will see this year and possibly next. The musical score is by the much talented and highly innovative composer Abel Korzeniowski and is his first American motion picture in nearly three years, of course he is known for his tantalizing and atmospheric music for the dark and disturbing TV series PENNY DREADFUL as well as his lush and haunting music for ROMEO AND JULIET. The composer has in the past few years concentrated on scoring movies that have been produced in his native Poland. Korzeniowski is for me one of those composers that delivers every time, I do not think that I have ever been disappointed with anything he has written. In my humble opinion though NOCTURNAL ANIMALS could be the best score from him thus far. Maybe this will be the one that gains him more recognition and the work that will garner him a much-deserved Oscar. The score is performed predominately by strings whether this be as an ensemble or in solo mode, with at times subdued offerings from the brass, woods and gentle fragmented piano. I thought on hearing it for the first time that there were certain affiliations with the sound created by John Barry, The central and most forthright motif or theme is for the movie s central character Susan which can be heard running throughout the score in some form or another, the first time we hear this is within the opening track on the recording WAYWARD SISTERS, this is emotive and luxurious sounding film music at its best and probably something that Korngold or Steiner would have been proud to call theirs. Violin and cello combine to create this gorgeously rich and affecting piece, that is underlined and further carried along by the string section and some wonderful piano accompaniment. The cue continues to build and grow in melodious content the strings sweeping along and creating a romantic but bitter sweet sound that is heart rending and captivating. This also evoked a sound and style that I had not heard since the days of Bernard Herrmann, and it was a complete coincidence that I had been listening to VERTIGO in the car the day before I started to listen to the score for NOCTURNAL ANIMALS,  because this is what I was reminded of, or at least the quieter moments from that classic score. This style is also evident within THE FIELD (alt version). Then we have tracks such as REVENGE with its low woodwind and MOTHERS with its driving but understated strings, initially one thinks it will be a slow and quiet piece but it begins to  build and build, until it finally transforms into a nervous and perplexing piece with a worrying and taught atmosphere. Both REVENGE and MOTHERS  are of a more tense and darker nature and again I was reminded of the work of Herrmann. Track number two, EXHIBITION is an interesting one, the strings being present once again but this time we hear an orgasmic breathing above them. TABLE FOR TWO is one of the highlights of this beautifully crafted soundtrack, piano and strings combine to create a sensuous and rich sound that washes over the listener. NOCTURNAL ANIMALS is a superb soundtrack; it is a score that delights and entertains and what more could one want, it is perfection.. Highly Recommended.