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Composer Neil Argo is certainly no stranger to scoring movies and television projects and if maybe you are thinking that you have not heard his name before its not surprising, because Neil is another of those consistently excellent and highly industrious people who work in movie music that is sadly underrated and at times overlooked. Born in San Diego California, the composers interest in the writing of music for film came out of his fascination with composers such as Jerry goldsmith, Dave Grusin, John Williams, Michel Legrand and others. His interest in music began at the age of 5 and his passion for film music composition soon led him to start studying music from an early age at first in school then in later years when he joined the United States Air Force. It was whilst serving in the Air Force that the budding composer joined the NORAD band as a drummer and it whilst performing in this band that he met with other musicians who were looked upon as some of the best in the world at that period in time. He gained much experience whilst in the band and also managed to get an insight into the music business which would stand him in good stead when it came to him leaving The Air Force. On leaving the military Argo attended college in Texas and it was here that he reached the decision that he would set aside his career as a drummer and concentrate on orchestration and composition, and further inspired him into becoming a composer of film music. In the early eighties he was assigned to provided the theme and also the background score to 35 episodes of WILD AMERICA for television which launched in 1982. The composer continued working on the series for a number of years and after completing five years with the production Argo moved location to Los Angeles where he continued to become involved with various film and TV assignments which included orchestration and arranging jobs on DYNASTY, HOTEL and THE COLBY’S for Aaron Spellings production company. The composer also worked on the popular MacGyver series for Paramount at this time. During the early 1990,s Argo was approached by fellow composer John Davis to work as co-composer on a newly filmed TV series of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, sadly this proved to be a little less than popular with the viewing public and the series was cancelled after just two years, but Argo continued working on a number of productions for the Spelling company via his connection with John Davis which began with BEVERLY HILLS 9012, and continued with programmes such as MELROSE PLACE and HEARTS ARE WILD. In 1993 the composer scored the National Geographic special SURVIVOURS OF THE SKELETON COAST which led him to being principal composer on the mini series SKELETON COAST SAFARI for which he received much acclaim.

He has continued you to work on various projects and films of varying genre and has received Awards and nominations for his music. His score for P.J. garnered the composer a Bronze award for Artistic Excellence in 2008 and his music for the movie LEGENDS OF NETHIAH was nominated for A Hollywood Music in Media Award in 20012. His more recent assignments include, CHAVEZ CAGE OF GLORY, EDUARDO AND TED and RESTORATION OF PARADISE.

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The score for P.J. is for the majority of its duration a fairly light affair the composer relying upon the use of solo piano, solo guitar, misty sounding woodwind and also the string section to create some really attractive and plaintive musical moments. In many ways the music is very much akin to the style employed by Dave Grusin and Michel Legrand on many of their film scores, it has at its core a jazz resonance but also posses dramatic and romantically laced sections that blend and compliment perfectly the central style and sound of the work. The music is restrained but also affecting and emotive, the composer fashioning elegant and passive themes that not only work well within the context of supporting the movie but are in addition to this rewarding and entertaining in their own right away from the images they are intended to support. There is however a slightly darker side to the proceedings Argo utilising to great effect the string section to create a sound that purveys an atmosphere that is apprehensive and slightly edgy. P.J. is a score that will be returned to many times after the initial listen and on each outing I know you will find something new and fresh. Enjoy.

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