It is not often that I write about a non-film music release, because the idea of MMI is to promote music from film and TV. But, I do at times make an exception. Someone recommended the album I am going to discuss a few days ago, and said that the style and sound within the collection of tracks was strikingly evocative of Ennio Morricone, Well, this is frequently said, and I invariably get the album and listen to it and think, which track sounds like Morricone?  But this album is certainly a different scenario. Kino Music by Pierre Daven-Keller is a very wonderful homage to the style and the sound of not just the sixties and seventies music of Ennio Morricone, but I think it pays tribute to the sound of Italian cinema as a whole from that period. The composer, performer and producer has put together a collection of great thematic pieces, which do remind one of the furtive music periods of the 1960’s and 1970’s. It is I suppose a cinematic themed album as in the music could very well be from any number of movies, it is also a lounge or easy listening album, but I have to say here and now please do not pass up the chance of hearing this, it’s a perfectly retro listening experience. In fact, I would also say that the composer manages to bring into play the shake and pop orientated style that was employed by German composers such as Peter Thomas that comes complete with that groovy sounding organ we heard so much of in both Italian and German scores, there are also hints of a style not dissimilar to that of French Maestro Francis Lai and some of the sophistication of Michel Legrand, The composer combines these with sounds that are similar to that of cherished composers such as Piero Piccioni, Gianni Ferrio, and their like, combining a jazzy funky sound with that of a romantic and sensual atmosphere. There is just something about this recording that I know will make people want to hear more of this artists work. In these strange days of semi lockdown and also of caution and avoiding others, this is a much appreciated and highly welcomed collection a respite from what has been a depressing time. It’s a collection that one can sit and listen to with no pressures whatsoever, the varied collection of rich and vibrant material washing over the listener and creating an atmosphere that is comfortable and warming , as well as being entertaining. It not only includes atmospheric wordless female vocals in the style of Edda Dell Orso, but there is a stunning whistling performance on the cue Sirocco, that is remarkable and brought memories flooding back of so many of those flawless Alessandroni performances.

Pierre Daven-Keller – Sirocco – YouTube

Then we are treated to samba like cues and also a vocal or two, which are inventive, It’s a recording that does one good, it is good for the soul and makes the heart swell, it also brings back memories of discovering the unique sound of Italian music and seeking out the latest Cipriani, Nicolai, Umiliani, etc in all those shops that we foraged through in London over four decades ago. One word to describe this release is Stunning, just that, so please do not hesitate to buy now. Available on digital platforms and there is a vinyl edition available. Check it out as soon as you can. This is highly recommended.