Any spaghetti western score is always welcome on compact disc as far as I am concerned. Anything from this genre of films invariably contains some outstanding cues and pleasant surprises. But when it’s a re-issue I do tend to be slightly dubious about whether or not it should be re-released etc, in this case however I am glad to report that Digit movies have served up an outstanding soundtrack with lots of extra cues and also rich and full blooded sound quality, is there nothing that these guys can do wrong, everything they seem to touch is gold. Maybe I am going over the top a little, but this is a really wonderful soundtrack, its got all the ingredients of a classic spaghetti western score, guitar solos, choir, trumpet, saloon piano tracks, whistling and a fantastic title song (YOU’D BETTER SMILE) what else could we ask for. The soundtrack originally got a release on RCA paired with Rustichelli,s A MINUTE TO LIVE A MINUTE TO DIE and up till now I was content with the handful of tracks that were included on that disc, but on hearing this version I don’t think I will ever play the RCA disc again. Apart from the actual quality of the music I am blown away by the re-mastering techniques and standards on this release, and we should all thank Digit-movies for restoring and saving this score for collectors to listen to over and over again. There are no less than 27 cues on this release, the first 11 are stereo tracks and the remaining 16 are in mono and among these are a number of alternate takes. The packaging is as always very colourful and stands out. So its hats off to Digit Movies once again, this is a must have compact disc, and a great addition to any soundtrack collection.