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A movie that was nominated last weekend at the BAFTA awards and won in certain categories is Promising Young Woman, the score by Anthony Willis is a delight, and was quite rightly nominated for best original score sadly losing out to Soul. Right from the opening cue entitled Hymn for Nina, one just knows that this is going to be a score that is special. The composer has fashioned a soundtrack that is varied in its musical make up and one that is wonderfully thematic and hauntingly beautiful. The score is also superbly edgy and has to it an apprehensive undertone, which is dark but at the same time remains melodic. At certain point’s the music evoked for me personally an atmosphere of the vintage film noir movies, the composers use of strings being inventive and striking. At times the performances from the string section being sinewy and alluring. With solo violin or cello being utilized over the top of the apprehensive background, the solo performance being tender and filled with emotion whilst the underlying strings remain darker and more ominous sounding.

The composer also employs solo piano to great effect and again combines this with solo cello convey an atmosphere that is filled with a romantic but slightly bitter-sweet sound. The movie, which is helmed by Killing Eve director Emerald Fennel, is a tantalizing and interesting motion picture which focuses upon revenge and is a story that is not only entertaining but exciting. The score compliments, supports and elevates the films storyline and enhances the actions on screen. It is subtle, but also affecting, seamlessly moving from romantic sounding cues, to easy listening pieces and then into shadowy and sinister sounding passages. At certain points within the score I was reminded of the romantic and melodic music of Ennio Morricone, which I first noticed in the opening cue with the composer utilising Female wordless voice, and then again with the sound achieved in the track Cassie, but this is make no mistake an original work, and also an attractive and affecting one. The more atonal cues are thematic and entertaining, with the composer relaying at times a Herrman-esque musical persona. The soundtrack release includes a Thriller Suite which has a running time of just over eight minutes, and a Romance Suite which is shorter at around three minutes or so , I urge you to check this out, you will be richer for hearing it. Recommended.