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The movie Red Krokodil portrays on the big screen the story of a Krokodil-addict who finds himself alone in post-nuclear city. This neorealist hallucinatory film by acclaimed visionary director Domiziano Cristopharo was inspired by an unpublished story penned by Francesco Scardone. The drug Krokodil is in no way fictitious in fact it is a real danger to drug addicts who expose themselves to it, it is a cheaper form of heroine thus becomes attractive to addicts, Krokodil is made up of a mixture of codeine and paint thinners. The name Krokodil comes from its trademark side effect: scaly green skin like a crocodile around the injection site. A quick search on the internet for that will bring up graphic images of people with swollen faces, exposed bones and muscles and skin rotting off on any given body part. The reason the drug is so anatomically destructive is due to its mix-ins. Users stir in ingredients at times including gasoline, paint thinner, hydrochloric acid, iodine and red phosphorus which they scrape from the striking pads on matchboxes it is a flesh destroying or flesh eating drug which it is said originated in Russia.

The musical score for RED KROKODIL is the work of composer Alexander Cimini, and although it does contain its fair share of dark and harrowing sounding passages the composer has also written some of the most beautiful and haunting music that I have heard for a long while, in some ways the lighter or more melodic parts of the score for me evoked the works of Zbinew Preisner and at times even brought to mind the music of Maestro Ennio Morricone. Cimini utilises solo piano, solo violin and sorrowful and heartfelt cello solos throughout the work which are laced with plaintive sounding woodwind and these are bolstered and further supported by a rich and romantic sounding string section. The score is a fusion of both radiant and shady sounds and styles that intertwine and melt into one another to create a wonderfully lyrical and intensely dramatic work. The music is at times quite desolate and despairing purveying a sense of desperation and isolation but at the same time the composer gives us hope and a real sense of yearning with his emotive use of cello and violin that underline perfectly the feelings of the movies central character as we see his world and also himself disintegrating, the composer is on hand at all times to take the watching audience through the central characters emotions and underlines the at times disturbing visuals eloquently and enhances these moments effectively but at the same time is never overbearing. The CD opens with C_age, which is an apprehensive sounding piece, which relies mainly upon percussive elements to create its dark and threatening persona, strings too are introduced into the equation but not the melodic or lush variety instead they are swirling and jagged sounding and are given more ferocity and impact by percussion and tense synthetic support.
Track number 2, RED KROKODIL MAIN THEME is a beautiful and highly emotive composition with solo violin taking centre stage supported by the string section in an at first subdued romantic mode, the solo performance makes way for the string section who then become the forefront of the piece with choir make an appearance giving the strings more substance and adding weight to the proceedings to create a touching and melancholy cue which ends with a concerto like solo piano underlined by gracious sounding strings as the piano takes on the thematic core of the piece. Track number 3, ALONE is again a melodic piece, a balalaika sound is heard to introduce the cue, and remains in the background as support for a tragic sounding violin solo. Track number 4, MY WOUNDED BODY is a heartfelt and emotive composition, again the composer utilizes the string section to great effect and to this he adds a mournful sounding horn which brings to the piece a sense of loneliness and despondency. This is a score that I have to recommend to you, it is a score that you must add to your collection and one that I know you will return to many times after the first listen, the compact disc also includes a bonus track which is track number 13 in the running order, PASSION AND LOVE is a romantic and lush sounding cue and is taken from the soundtrack to HYDES SECRET NIGHTMARE which contained a score by Kristian Sensini, Cimini provided this cue for the score and it was not released on the soundtrack release of the score. Another wonderful release from Kronos records who seem to be unstoppable at the moment.