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This weekend seems to be a rather busy one for soundtrack releases, Ghostbusters Afterlife being one of them, the score is by the multitalented Rob Simonsen, who I am so pleased to say has done a great job on the musical side of things, his score has elements of the original music which was composed by the sadly missed Hollywood Maestro Elmer Bernstein.

Right from the get-go we are treated to a piece entitled Trapped, in which the composer utilizes the Ondes Martenot or at least something that resembles the distinct sound that the instruments makes which of course Bernstein utilized originally most notably in Dana’s Theme, but there are far more references to the composing prowess of Bernstein  contained within Simonsen’s soundtrack, in fact it is a homage to the work that the vintage composer did on the original movie, Simonsen takes fragments and fleeting phrases of those original themes and integrates them into his own score alongside his music, and successfully fashions an imposing and spectacular soundtrack. It’s like re-visiting Bernsteins music from the original Ghostbusters, but there is so much more for us to hear and savour. At times it’s a little off putting when a composer makes use of themes that were originally written by someone else, but in this case it is really nice to hear and the entire work becomes a rewarding and enjoyable listening experience.

In the track Chess we hear a brief arrangement of the jaunty Ghostbusters theme, and although it is short lived one immediately recognizes it. This theme or variations of it pop up throughout the score, adding not only atmosphere but familiarity and infusing the proceedings with a great sense of quirkiness.

Nice Replica for example is just forty-four seconds in duration, but again one feels at home because it pays tribute to Bernstein’s original score. Yes, there are also just as many Simonsen original pieces within the work, but I must admit it’s the use of those familiar sounding interludes that hooked me, and I know will entertain you also. Recommended.