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STAN AND OLLIE, I thought was a brilliant movie, it deserved more Awards than it ended up garnering during Awards season. It is a faithful account I think of how it was when the comedy duo arrived on England’s shores towards the end of their career. The musical score is by the talented and brilliantly gifted composer Rolfe Kent, he has provided the movie with a wonderfully lyrical and highly emotive and beautifully poignant soundtrack. Kent has this knack of creating simple but effective melodies and these superbly underline and support the action, drama, comedy or romance on screen, STAN AND OLLIE is certainly no exception to the rule. The composer has fashioned an eloquent and delicate score which not only enhances and brings greater dimension and emotion to the proceedings, but is also a joy to listen to away from the images and scenarios. In many ways the score is at times Barry-esque but of course Kent’s own musical identity and persona shines through. The work is fully symphonic with woods and piano at times taking centre stage, it is filled with an air of melancholy throughout but also contains moments which are either comedy infused or at times sombre and serious. The themes are glorious and haunting and contain fragile and lilting melodies, which linger with the listener long after they have finished playing, it is a triumph of a work,  On listening to the soundtrack, I returned to the beginning straight away and repeated it, it is one of those scores that you will return to numerous times and on each outing will discover something fresh and new, this is one for your collection, a must have item.