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A cave-girl from outer space wreaks havoc after she is brought to life by a top-secret super-weapon that transforms drawings into real people. This is the plot behind the movie Saturnalia.

Directed by Joshua Kennedy, who also stars in the film, this fantasy movie that is just a bit of fun but that’s something we all need these days I think. The music is by the ever-industrious Reber Clark and again he has produced a soundtrack that is quite stunning. It is a little different from his other scores but this I think shows how adaptable and how talented he is as a composer of music for film.

On listening to the score, I was reminded a little of the styles of Lalo Schifrin and Jerry Goldsmith, but there are also themes and musical passages that are evocative of Bernard Herrmann present as well as a kind of 1960’s vibe that shines through and establishes itself in the opening vocal, which I have to say had a certain Don Ellis Moon Zero Two beat to it. It’s a soundtrack that I think caters for just about everyone, drama and also action cues are served up in abundance but there are comedic and romantic sounding cues mixed in along the way. Above all it’s an entertaining listen, every track being lively and filled with energy.

One minute the style is rock led then in comes a smoother more sophisticated atmosphere but also, we get a big band sound vibe, and this is combined with full on drama, that at times takes one back to the 1950’s B movies era, so things never get boring because the score is relentless and robust.

We are treated to some great disco and funky cues complete with retro sounding organ and electric guitars that were it seems used in every movie during the 1970’s.

There is even a little nod in there to John Barry, amazing music. It’s a wonderful score and one that I know you will love. Check it out on Bandcamp, or why not buy the CD direct from the composer.