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FURIOUS. (2017).




I have to admit finding this score by accident, one day I was sitting scrolling through what TV had on offer in the form of world cinema, and I came across this movie from 2017 entitled FURIOUS it’s a Russian film, but it had subtitles so no problem, it’s an historical adventure film, with a little tinge of the realms of fantasy thrown in, But it looked like it was worth a watch and I have to say it was. But it was the score that I was impressed with more than anything, the storyline was a little weird but maybe that was down to the editing of the movie I am not sure, lets say there is plenty of action in this film, no shortage of body counts and lots of battle themed action, Russians against the Mongol horde, yes this is my sort of movie for a cold cloudy Tuesday afternoon. But as I say it was the score that really caught my attention, was it available yes it was thank you Water tower records and Spotify. The music is by Russian composer. performer and producer Serj Tankian. The score is a vibrant and fast paced affair for the most part, but it also contains numerous short but melodic tone poems, which are orchestrated beautifully and add a real intimate and delicate touch to the proceedings which enhance and bring poignancy and emotion to a number of the scenes within the film,.




In fact it is the music in these romantic or melancholy scenes that shines through and gives them greater depth and impact. The action cues too are an important and also an integral component of the film, adding a fearsome and urgent mood to things. The score is a mixture of symphonic or conventional instrumentation which is bolstered and enhanced further via an array of electronic support, the composer at times utilising rock sounding guitar to underline the savagery of the Mongol horde as they sweep everything away that stands in their path.




The work has an aura that is romantically laced also, with the composer utilising subtle strings and woodwind to great effect and creating haunting and affecting tone poems throughout.  The composer also utilises choir and solo voice to enhance the more imposing scenes from the movie, which again adds a greater effect. This is a powerful score a commanding work and one that you should seek out. An unexpected surprise, which was also a pleasant one.