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Its time again for a look at the latest batch of soundtrack excellence or maybe film score disappointment with soundtrack supplement forty nine. In this latest edition I think I have been a little more selective and gone for quality rather than quantity. We often discuss music for horror movies here at Movie music international, and there are a handful of these within this article, I was saying only the other day who would have thought 20 years ago that the horror film score would have become so popular, remember if you can many years ago struggling to find horror scores and if you were around in the 1960’s and collecting well they were practically non-existent.

The scores were there as in in the movies and the majority of them were good, but record companies and film companies were more than reluctant to even consider releasing them. Thankfully this altered in the late 1970’s and 1980’s and like I say when we look through any new batch of releases, I think the horror score is more than represented. So are you sitting comfortably, is the door locked are you settled then I will begin.

Old, is the latest offering from the master of darkness and suspenseful horror M. Night Shyamalan, the director once again producing a harrowing but at the same time thought provoking piece of cinema. Like in most of his movies the musical score plays an important and an integral part, the score is by Trevor Gureckis, who scored the Apple TV series Servant season one in 2019 and the movie The Goldfinch also in 2019. Gureckis has also worked on season two of Servant this year as well as scoring another movie entitled Voyagers.

The music for Old is nerve jangling and tantalizing, the composer creating some icy and unsettling moments via interesting and inventive instrumentation, but for a movie with a plot like this has I would expect nothing less, it is a score that one has to listen to a few times to be able to take it all in, there is a lot happening here, little nuances, both dark and light popping up here and there, all of which combine to fashion a score that is sheer tension.


It is actually more than just unsettling it somehow makes those hairs on your arms and on the back of your neck react and sends a cold shiver through you, which is what is supposed to do. There are some quieter moments, in which we hear hints of themes and layers of respite, but there always seems to be an underlying sense of terror and uncertainty. Worth a listen and available on digital platforms so why not also check out his other works whilst you are there.

Blood Red Sky is a new Netflix horror, it’s a story about an airplane hijack that has a lot of twists and a final sting in its tail. But I will not divulge anything as you should really see this.

The score is a mix of conventional performances and electronics, the composer Dascha Dauenhauer creating not only dramatic and tense moods but also fashioning affecting and haunting melodies.

Recording Session for “Mother & Son” | Blood Red Sky (Music from the Netflix Original F… – YouTube

This is a varied and vibrant soundtrack, with several interesting sounds included to establish highly atmospheric moments and one which you will certainly not tire of easily. Available via digital platforms.

Cris Tales is a game score and is the work of Tyson Wernli, I found this to be entertaining and contained a wide selection of styles, the composer utilizing symphonic and synthetic to bring to fruition his thematic and pulsating  score.

This a charmingly effective work and has to it a sound and style of many of the Japanese composers such as Hisaishi.  There is a lightness presence throughout and an abundance of melodious and rewarding interludes present.

Worth adding to the collection. Dos is one of the latest soundtracks to come out of Movie Score Media, music is by Diego Navarro, and I love it, it is simple but at the same time complex with the composer employing cello, vibes and choir to create lilting and emotive tone poems, it is no way overblown or grandiose, but it still makes its mark and has a lasting impression upon its listener. One cannot help but want to listen to this over and over, it is ethereal and at times almost celestial.

Navarro makes effective use of strings managing to bring forth so many romantic and haunting phrases. Yes, this is one for the collection, its on digital platforms.

Dune is soon to be released and after the first big screen incarnation of the story I am hopeful this new version will be better. The score is by Hans Zimmer, (who else). The soundtrack is to be released in three editions or so I understand as the info on it is just as confusing as the story. A few tracks have been released for preview, and I have to say these are impressive so far, yes Impressive and Zimmer in the same sentence.

The composer from what I can hear thus far has written an atmospheric score with nods to music and vocals that sound as if they could be African or Arabic but saying this remember these are just previews, I have listened to, so let’s not get too excited. A full review will appear when the score is released which will probably be before Zimmer’s Bond score. 

Staying with sci fi or fantasy, lets nip over to Netflx for their latest series Masters of the Universe Revelation, VOL 1, which contains a great score from the one and only Bear McCreary, this is a composer who I rate highly, each project he becomes involved with benefits highly from his music which always amazes me as you can never pin him down stylistically, and this is no exception to that rule.

His score has everything and I mean everything, upbeat and action filled tracks, regal sounding pieces, anthem like themes, mystery and magic it is superb and I think I did hear references to past He Man music within certain phrases and passages, this is a new score but has to it a sound that is straight out of the glory days of Hollywood, evoking the likes of Goldsmith, Conti, Bernstein etc. Brass, percussion, and strings having the lions share of the work embellished by choral work and real thematic qualities.

 Another score for your collection but please check it out first on digital platforms. Animation, adventure, fantasy, and action, well these are the words I would use to describe Trollhunters-Tales of Arcadia, and the music by three composers is just as vibrant and exciting. Jeff Dana, Tim Davies and Alexandre Desplat all make contributions with Desplat providing a fast pace and driving theme for this series that is a Dreamworks production created by Spanish filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro, the score is a collection of varied and action paced music, with the occasional entry of a more emotive and melodic piece here and there.

The composers utilizing strong symphonic lines and bolstering and enhancing these with synthetic elements, the score evoked for me memories of the work of Robert Folk when he scored movies such as Beastmaster 2, and The Never-Ending Story 2. There is that kind of magical aura to it, it also has to it a comedic air musically and a proud and superhero type persona. Well worth a listen.

Next is a beautiful score from composer Daniel Hart, The Last Letter From your Lover, is a fragile and delicate work, with so many heartfelt and haunting themes, the composer make excellent use of solo piano with strings and subtle use of woodwind to enhance it thus fashioning a poignant and wonderfully melodic score. I really liked the composers score for A Ghost Story and going back a little way was impressed with his music for Comet in 2015. His music for The Last Letter from your Lover The is exceptional, at times I was reminded of the intricate and touching style of Georges Delerue and the music as penned by the likes of Stelvio Cipriani when he worked on romantic movies. It is emotive and attractive and totally consuming. Wonderful. Well short and sweet this time see you soon.