More superhero themed antics leapt onto our cinema screens recently in the form of ace crime fighter and all-round good guy, Spider Man in his latest adventure SPIDER-MAN FAR FROM HOME. All superheroes we know need a stirring and inspiring musical score to assist them in their ongoing battle with the forces of evil and the putting down of the bad guys. Well. I am pleased to announce that composer Michael Giacchino has done a superb job and given Spidey a wonderfully vibrant, brilliantly pulsating and relentless thematic soundtrack to carry out his day to day crime busting in a global scenario for this movie at least. Giacchino in my opinion has for this score in-particular been more inventive and also more flexible in his approach, maybe it is the various international locations that have inspired the composer on this, but all I am saying is that the score is literally unstoppable, simply because it is a return to something that resembles what super hero scores were like a couple of decades ago, as in rich with drama full of colour and overflowing with a rich and compelling plethora of driving action cues that are laced with even more dominant themes throughout. Giacchino has managed to do on SPIDER-MAN what he did on the STAR TREK franchise, he has re-invented the sound and the musical stature and given it a powerful and commanding persona, that is great within the movie but is also full of life and strength. It is an action score for the majority of its running time, but we are treated to a few romantic or emotive interludes, which are at times a welcome respite from the driving but at the same time tuneful and catchy sounding compositions that accompany the on screen action. All I will say is I am not going to analyse the score, I am not going to examine the music or the way in which it is placed etc, all I am going to say is this is excellent and every film music fan in the world should own it. It ranks up there with the likes of Chris Young, James Horner, Danny Elman etc all of whom have worked on Spidey instalments. Go buy it and enjoy. Don’t think, just indulge in pure escapism musically.