I must say I am not a huge fan of TRANSFORMERS the movies although I also should state that they are not as annoying or pathetic as other sci fi movies or superhero yarns that have been doing the rounds in recent years. The attraction for me to TRANSFORMERS is the high octane vibrant and pulsating musical scores and sound designs created by the talented music-smith Steve Jablonsky. The composer is with consummate ease able to fuse the fully symphonic sounds of the orchestra with the synthetic and electronic, on each occasion creating something that is not only wonderfully in tune with the action unfolding on screen but is also able to stand alone away from the images it was intended to enhance and punctuate. A couple of fellow collectors have said to me we can’t understand why you don’t like Zimmer but are ok with a composer such as Jablonsky, well I am not sure really, all I know is that Jablonsky’s music does seem to stir something inside me, maybe it is more melodic or more developed or maybe just more appealing to my own personal tastes, or even maybe it is the way in which he employs his music to the movies he has worked on. For this latest episode of the TRANSFORMERS series of movies THE LAST KNIGHT, the composer has written some beautifully emotive and poignant pieces that are filled with melancholy and have about them an atmosphere and mood that is of the romantic. I also noticed that this score is somewhat less action led in the music department, yes ok, there are the fair share of knock em down and drag em out set pieces but there are also several cues that are subdued or low key, these contain almost lilting themes which are performed by an array of instrumentation, Cello Violin and strings accompanied by choral performances. This is a brooding soundtrack that is not unlike the veritable coiled spring which is waiting to open or jump out at the listener, sometimes a low-key track or a cue that one thinks to be a less energetic piece ends up being a builder that peaks with a blast of thundering percussive elements or a rasping collection of brass or even a wall of electronic sounds. It is a well-structured work rich in strong themes and powerful and pulsating action passages that will I know have you on the edge of your seat both in the cinema and at home when listening to the score. It would I think be wrong to compare Jablonsky to any other composer, but if I was asked to describe his style I think I would probably say it is a fusion of Tyler and Debney, it is rhythmic and on occasion upbeat and commanding but it also has real heart and soul to it which certainly adds greater depth and atmosphere to every project he works upon. This is worth a listen, Check out TRANSFORMERS THE LAST KNIGHT asap.


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1. Sacrifice 6:46
2. The Coming of Cybertron 4:58
3. Merlin’s Staff 5:49
4. No-Go Zone 3:28
5. Stay and Fight 6:26
6. Code Red 2:12
7. Izzy 4:00
8. Purity of Heart 3:34
9. Megatron Negotiation 3:37
10. Today We Hunt 1:46
11. Running out of Tomorrows 1:20
12. Drone Chase 5:07
13. You Have Been Chosen 2:17
14. Seglass Ni Tonday 6:27
15. Quintessa 6:36
16. Vivian 3:52
17. Abduction 3:04
18. History of Transformers 4:23
19. Cogman Sings 2:09
20. Vivian Follows Merlin 6:41
21. The Greatest Mission of All 2:19
22. Dive 3:15
23. Two Moons 2:03
24. Merlin’s Tomb 3:18
25. Claim the Staff 3:36
26. Prime Versus Bee 2:45
27. Your Voice 4:34
28. I Had My Moment 2:29
29. Ospreys 1:49
30. Battlefield 3:43
31. Did You Forget Who I Am 1:56
32. We Have to Go 5:48
33. Calling All Autobots 2:55
34. Sir Edmund Burton



Composer Steve Jablonsky has been involved on all of the TRANSFORMER movies, the latest installment being TRANFORMERS 4-AGE OF EXTINCTION and as this was released the fifth installment was announced, with Jablonsky at the musical helm of the production. The music that the composer has written for the series is obviously dramatic and action led, his scores for the series enhance, support and even manage to elevate the action taking place on screen to greater heights. The score for the latest installment is no exception to the rule that the composer has applied on its predecessors, high octane and powerful with a driving and fearsome fervency that catapults the audience to the very edge of their seats and also creates tension and anxiety as it enhances the knock em down and drag em out story lines. Saying this however, the composer also infuses a great deal of emotion into the scores and gives the mechanical giants on screen a heart and soul his music acting as a connection between the watching audience and the mechanical stars of the production. Jablonsky’s highly percussive and driving score for TRANSFORMERS 4-AGE OF EXTINCTION, is in my opinion one of the best scores for the so far quartet of movies and contains some real heart stopping and commanding musical moments, the composer integrates both symphonic and synthetic elements into his work and maintains a strident and unrelenting pace throughout the score, percussive components acting as a thundering but rhythmic background to brass stabs that are rasping and aggressive, strings that are cutting and imposing and to this he adds electric rock guitar rifts which further enhance and embellish the proceedings, his score simply builds tension upon tension until it reaches an crescendo or climax and then all of the musical elements seem to explode into a cacophony that is exciting and expressive. The composer also makes effective use of solo voice both female and male which again brings another level to the score. This is in no way a typical actioner soundtrack as it also has to it an upbeat and memorable resonance, with infectious bass lines, cadenced passages being relayed via the up tempo and feverish percussive beats. If you are looking for subdued and delicate this is the wrong score for you, however if you are looking for an onslaught of pure musical thrills.BUY now.





Composer Steve Jablonsky has I suppose had quite a rapid rise into the public gaze, his soundtracks for films such as TRANSFORMERS,BATTLESHIP and GANGSTER SQUAD were all well received by critics and collectors alike, the composer has a knack of combining both symphonic with synthetic and fuses these mediums of musicality together with what seems to be consummate ease. The results achieved are not only effective within the context of the movies they are intended to enhance but also work away from the images to create exciting, exhilarating and entertaining results. Jablonsky has also worked on a number of re-makes of classic movies such as THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE and THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, plus he became a familiar name on the TV credits of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. The composer also created what I think is an original and haunting score for YOUR HIGHNESS and has been involved with numerous box office success such as the aforementioned TRANSFORMERS movies and GANGSTER SQUAD, as I write this review he has been named as composer on the up and coming TRANSFORMERS-AGE OF EXTINCTION which is due for release in 2014. So all in all Jablonsky has already had a varied and winning career in film music. His scores contain anthem like musical passages and also have great presence and power, in many ways his style is somewhat similar to that of Hans Zimmer, it has a foundation that is symphonic but utilizes to their full potential and effect electronics, which bolster the conventional instrumentation and also support and enhance his symphonic writings. His latest offering is for the Harrison Ford sci fi movie ENDERS GAME, which is a movie set in the not too distant future, where we find an Alien race called the FORMICS have attacked earth, this attack has been subdued and repelled thanks to the actions of Commander Mazer Rackham(Ben Kingsley) the Aliens however don’t give up that easy, so it is up to Colonel Hyrum Graff (Harrison Ford) and the international military to locate, recruit and train only the best young minds to find a future Mazer. Enter then, Ender Wiggin, who is recruited into the ranks of the elite, he soon masters what he has to do at battle school and is elevated into Command school where he is trained by Mazer Rackham to lead earths soldiers into a great battle that is the definitive fight to preserve human life on earth.


The composer has created a brooding and intense sounding score for the movie, which has some ultra high octane pieces and thunderous sounding passages within its running time. The score however has a central or core musical theme that is performed in the main by a solo cello, this mournful but beautiful sounding instrument, becomes the composers base, and it is around this particularly haunting performance that he fashions his dark and richly attractive sounding work, the solo cello performances which are returned to at certain points within the score are at times welcome respites from the more action led cues, but even though this is more or less a full scale action soundtrack the composer still manages to infuse or inject melody into the proceedings. Or maybe melody is the wrong way to describe it, it is stirring at times and has large scale driving themes which seem to rise from out of nowhere to establish themselves, the composer makes excellent use of percussive rhythms which introduce choir and underline and punctuate strings as they are further supported by foreboding brass flourishes. Jablonsky is I think a master at creating tension and also writing music that builds marvellously to give the action on screen even more dimension and in this case an atmosphere that is quite majestic sounding. There are also a few quieter moments within the score, Jablonsky utilizing plaintive sounding solo piano, which is delicately introduced as a introduction to a low key solo cello that creates a highly emotive interlude, which is further enhanced by strings and choir. I recommend this score highly, and also recommend that you check out the composers other works for the cinema.