Cast your minds back to 2018, and to a movie entitled The Titan, probably not a film that made much of impression, but the score by Fil Eisler did make its mark upon me at least . Glad to say the composer has recently scored a movie which many are raving about because it is just so funny and let’s face it we need a bit of a lift these days don’t we. Superintelligence, was released in 2020, remember 2020?  The movies storyline focuses upon an all-powerful Superintelligence that chooses to study the very average human Carol Peters, the fate of the world suddenly hangs in the balance. As the A.I. decides to enslave, save, or destroy humanity, it’s up to Carol to prove that people are worth saving, but are they? The film directed by Ben Falcone stars Melissa McCarthy as Carol Peters. It is listed as a Sci Fi movie but to be honest its more of a rom-com. But this does not mean its not worth a watch. The score by Fil Eisler is excellent, it does its job admirably and the composer manages to get the mix exactly right with a fusion of both the romantic and the mysterious throughout. Its for the most part fully symphonic from what I can make out at least, but there are little inserts of electronic support here and there. It has that comedic and quirky sound that is appealing and alluring. At times when the score does become more developed in its thematic properties, one is reminded somewhat of the music of the late James Horner. The string section swelling and being punctuated by both brass and percussion. It is at times wonderfully grand but also filled with a sensitivity and a more intimate and personal sound. The composer creating inspiring musical moments and crafting beautiful tone poems that are filled with an air of melancholy and become affecting and magical. The end track New Digital Overlord (finale) is a like an overture of sorts but at the end of the score instead of acting as an introduction, the composer wows us with some awesome sounding pieces within the cue, and it is kind of like a showcase for the entire score. Booming, percussion, proud and soaring strings are laced with wistful and flyaway woods that are all underlined with various snippets of themes from the score. It is this cue that reminded me of Horner, maybe shades of both Star Trek and even Cocoon are present, it’s a warm and pleasant sound that is fashioned here, and also one that I am sure will be appealing to you and many others.

The composer also employs haunting solo piano at certain points within the score, which are enhanced and given depth by strings. It’s a great fun score, with equal amounts of darkness, impish and mischievous interludes that are heard alongside sweeping and martial sounding sections, so something here for everyone I think. Certainly, a score that you must check out, available on digital platforms, and while you are there take a listen to Proud Mary and The Titan by the composer well worth a listen.