DUN DUN DAHHHHHHH its CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS, no not me, the movie, although hang on maybe if I, ummm well maybe not,,,,. Faster than a speeding train, braver than anything you can think of and sillier than most things, that is CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS, BUT, what a fantastic movie, a laugh a minute it is great. If you are feeling fed up or just grumpy go watch this film it has such a wonderful formula and presence about it which if bottled would I think be a brilliant tonic to cheer everyone everywhere up. The music for this animated feature of epic proportions is the work of the talented composer Theodore Shapiro, I cannot give this score praise enough as it is not only bubbly, energetic, robust and melancholy, but is also filled to the rafters with so much thematic material that is fast paced and just so entertaining, without a doubt the music lends much to the movie and the composers timing with the musical full stops, commas and exclamation marks is uncanny and excellent. I also love the way in which the composer at times parodies the superhero sound that we seem to get served up in the serious movies of this type, not that I am saying CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS is not serious, of course it is, he is a superhero of the highest calibre and should be treated with the utmost respect. The score obviously contains its fair share of the lighter and more comedic sounds and trademarks, but it also has about it a more serious, yes serious sound, which works very well indeed within the context of the movie, adding drama, pathos and touches of slapstick if that is something that can be done musically. I must say I cannot recommend this enough, it’s just a non-stop rollercoaster ride of musical mayhem and magnificence that is overflowing with Bold Brass, stirring strings, rumbling percussion all of which combine to create a score that is faultlessly timed to hit the punchlines and accompany the action throughout, but it is such a great bit of fun too.



The composer utilising Symphonic and synthetic, with the added presence of choir, which underlines the magnitude and importance of this great superhero. There is even a slice of the HALLELUJAH CHORUS utilized within the score, but not as we know it, well it is but it’s got something to do with Poopy-pants so enough said, Theodore Shapiro, is I think one of the most inventive and talented composers around at the moment, he seems to be able to turn his hand and his talents to any genre of film and is able to fashion music to suit any situation and scenario, GHOSTBUSTERS is a prime example, it is another score that is dramatic but also epic sounding in places and like CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS verges upon the operatic in certain areas, an animated movie with a score that is big, brassy and filled with a gigantic musical persona and did I mention there are kazoos too. Now who in their right mind can resist this, I am just off to the chest of draws to find the underpants and cape, DUN DUN DAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! (and I leave you with that image). Seriously folks go get this score now.