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LITTLEIt always amazes me, no annoys me a little too, when a great score is not made available on compact disc, but is available on I tunes or Spotify, why? Well not sure but its annoying, so its about time this practise stopped. I know many of us like digital platforms but is it not better to have a CD hold it and look at it and any notes that might be inside whilst listening to it, Yes exactly. Well I am pleased to let you all know that a score that was only available digitally is now finally out on compact disc. THE LITTLE WITCH, is a fantastic movie and it contains a wonderfully rich and thematic score by composers, Diego, Nora and Lionel Baldenweg. Or GREAT GARBO as we know them. These composers I think are so talented and innovative, their joint scoring efforts on ZWINGLI earlier this year caused more than just a ripple of interest within the soundtrack collecting community, and their reputation for being highly original and super creative and gifted has also spread amongst collectors and critics alike. THE LITTLE WITCH is a fully symphonic score and is filled with a magical and a mysterious musical air. Its one of those soundtracks that one will sit and listen to and not realise it has come to an end, simply because it is so overflowing with eloquent, excellent and quirky themes, there is a mischievous persona to this work, which I think is part of its attraction and the composers seamlessly fuse dramatic, romantic, and at times offbeat and sinister sounding compositions together to create a score that is entertaining, charming and adorable.



The movie which is a Swiss/German co-production is about a young witch (Karoline Herfurth) who is kind and caring and decides that she must learn all there is to know about magic to be accepted by the wicked witches within the community. Directed by Mike Schaerer, this is a movie that is for kids of all ages, and I suspect that a few big kids will probably enjoy more than the little ones. In some ways there was a look of THE NEVER ENDNG STORY to this movie, the effects being good but not totally Hollywood, which is not a negative whatsoever. The score aids the production greatly, with the composers fashioning highly expressive and supportive music that purveys a plethora of emotions and creates so many atmospheric moments and elevates the story to new heights. It also contains vocals which at times are wordless which are fun filled and at times up-tempo and vibrantly entertaining as well as a Big Band sounding cue THE WITCH EXAM.





I am so pleased that this is finally available on CD, released on RAMBLING (Japan). RBCP-3343. So, have you ordered it, no? heres the linkā€¦.