The Mandalorian is an American space-opera set in the STAR WARS universe at a time just after the events that were the subject of THE RETURN OF THE JEDI. The story focuses upon a lone Mandalorian gunfighter who is beyond the gaze and clutches of the New Republic. The music is by Oscar winner Ludwig Goransson, who earned acclaim for his work on BLACK PANTHER and was also praised for his music to CREED. So, it’s a STAR WARS story so that means it’s filled to over-flowing with sweeping themes and triumphant flourishes, yes? Well actually NO. Its an odd score as in I really cant make up my mind if I like it or not, its rather down beat and also the composer utilises a lot of electronics within it, so that for me is not an attraction, ok synths etc are ok when they are used effectively and are also used in conjunction with symphonic elements. But, in this case they for me anyway are more of a jarring and crashing ingredient, they are grating at times and harsh in their delivery, so no abundance of thematic material I am afraid. Goransson makes effective use of percussive elements however and laces these with strings or synthetic strings I cannot quite tell, for me it’s a re-hash of both Black Panther and CREED (told you it was odd).



In fact, one can hear snippets of ROYAL TALON FIGHT at times when the percussion takes hold and forms the foundation of certain cues, what was great in Black Panther suddenly has become tired and uninspiring when heard as presented in this score. The final cue MANDALORIAN is basically ROCKY but not as good if you get what I am saying, one can most certainly hear the influence of Conti within the cue and also other tracks contain certain sounds and elements that we have also heard before in Black Panther, it is a shame as I for one thought we had a creative composer in the form of Goransson, but after hearing the disappointing CREED ll and now this I have to reserve judgement. There just seems to be no originality present in MANDALORIAN, ok yes there are one maybe two nice little touches, as in track number six YOU ARE A MANDALORIAN but what starts out as something that could build, turns into a watered down version of Bill Conti’s ROCKY THEME or even at times the action music of Poledouris’s ROBOCOP, but again not as effective or stylish. The themes that do start to sound promising melt away and become cues that are nothing really to shout about and the ideas within the cues are not developed fully to become anything other than a hint of a theme or are given an overblown and chaotic synthetic sound which annoys and irritates. I am not sure what he was trying to achieve here, but it has fallen flat. Sorry not for me. Maybe it will improve in later episodes, we will see, but I think do not hold your breath,